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House Passes 2nd Bill to Help Companies Fight Cyber Attacks

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House passed a bill Thursday encouraging private companies to share information about cyber attacks with federal authorities in an attempt to combat the growing problem.

The bill grants protection from liability for companies that share information and follow certain procedures.

Companies have been reluctant to share internal data about cyber attacks for fear of being sued, hurting efforts to fight criminals stealing personal information and state-sponsored campaigns stealing American intellectual property.

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cyber security

Cyber Attacks: Should the US Revisit Security Access Requirements For Sensitive Items?

By Rick Whitman
Special Contributor to In Homeland Security

Over the past decade, the number of security breaches seems extraordinary. Trade magazines and Congressional testimony reveal both the extent of cyber attacks and the growing concerns about both the quantity and the sensitivity of information losses. To date, these losses include personal information, business practices, trade secrets, and even government secrets.

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US airspace drone

In US Airspace, You Really Should Sweat the Small Stuff

By Ben Lerner


The past couple of months have seen some positive developments for the commercial utilization of drones in the United States. Although the industries seeking to use them are not where they’d hoped to be by now as far as the integration of drones into American airspace, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed its long-awaited “small drone” rules, allowing businesses to fly drones weighing less than fifty-five pounds, provided they meet certain requirements, such as flying only at daytime and keeping them within the visual line-of-sight of the operators, among others.

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