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Glynn Cosker is a writer and editor, currently based in New England. He is the Managing Editor of EDM Digest. Glynn has more than 20 years of writing experience, and he’s the Managing Editor of EDM Digest's sister blog site: In Homeland Security. Born and raised in the U.K., he began his career in government and spent 12 years working in the Consular Section of the British Embassy in Washington – attaining the rank of Vice Consul in the late 1990s. Glynn was previously a managing editor with the successful NHL site – The Hockey Writers – and still blogs for them on occasion as a Washington Capitals writer. He is also an avid actor and has appeared in 30 shows over the past 20 years. Glynn and his family live in New Hampshire.

What ‘Other Matters’ Are Included in Mueller’s 2016 Election Investigation?

There are several questions concerning Robert Mueller’s investigation. At this point, no one knows exactly what direction the investigation will take.

A Massive Earthquake Was Reported In California Wednesday — By Mistake

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake reportedly hit the Pacific Ocean about 10 miles from Santa Barbara, Calif., the U.S. Geological Survey alert stated - in error.

Protect Yourself from Criminals by Knowing Their Financial Scams

Amazingly, most people have forgotten the classic scams and techniques that criminals use to separate you from your money; an expert offers advice.

Canadian Man Charged In Michigan Airport Stabbing Attack; FBI Investigating As Act Of Terrorism

A man walked up to a uniformed police officer at the Bishop International Airport in Flint, Mich., and stabbed him in the neck Wednesday morning with a large knife.

Are Thought Crimes Science Fiction or Potential Reality?

Thought Crimes: When do violent fantasies become criminal acts? And, are we heading toward an Orwellian 'Big Brother' society? An expert weighs in.

What Happened to Otto Warmbier? When the Unthinkable is Unknowable.

When he left the US in late 2015, Otto Warmbier was a healthy, athletic 21-year-old. When he returned last week from North Korea, he was in a coma. Why?

Learning about Cultural Differences Enhances Foreign Travel

Becoming familiar with how other cultures behave and see the world before going abroad makes for a better travel experience.

Do We Really Have A Democracy in America?

Democracy in America: The notion that the United States of America is a democracy stems from how some parents explain the country to their children.

Should Air Traffic Control Be Turned Over to Private Companies?

Commercial air carriers have praised the recent discussions about privatizing air traffic control. However, the business community and 16 associations representing general aviation have harshly criticized the privatization idea.

The Latest: Paris Police Remove Body After Attempted Attack

Police have removed the body of a man who died after ramming his car into a police vehicle on Paris' famed Champs-Elysees, about six hours after the incident that France's interior minister says was an attempted terror attack.