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Glynn Cosker is a writer and editor, currently based in New England. He is the Managing Editor of EDM Digest. Glynn has more than 20 years of writing experience, and he’s the Managing Editor of EDM Digest's sister blog site: In Homeland Security. Born and raised in the U.K., he began his career in government and spent 12 years working in the Consular Section of the British Embassy in Washington – attaining the rank of Vice Consul in the late 1990s. Glynn was previously a managing editor with the successful NHL site – The Hockey Writers – and still blogs for them on occasion as a Washington Capitals writer. He is also an avid actor and has appeared in 30 shows over the past 20 years. Glynn and his family live in New Hampshire.

Opinion: Is The Shadow of Steve Bannon Damaging US National Security?

Steve Bannon is no longer at the White House, but does the shadow of his legacy continue to affect our national security?

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As President Trump prepares his first budget, the debate intensifies on how he plans to upgrade our nation’s vast aging infrastructure.

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The Vietnam War has become part of who we are as Americans, and that alone must be counted among its most profound legacies.

North Korean Hackers Stole US And South Korean Wartime Plans, Seoul Lawmaker Says

Report states that North Korean hackers stole a huge trove of classified U.S. and South Korean military documents last year.

Israel Hacked Kaspersky, Then Tipped The NSA That Its Tools Had Been Breached

In 2015, Israeli government hackers saw something suspicious in the computers of a Moscow-based cybersecurity firm: hacking tools that could only have come from the National Security Agency.

North Korea Hackers May Have Targeted Power Companies

FBI official: "This is a signal that North Korea is a player in the cyber-intrusion field and it is growing in its ability to hurt us."

Terrorist Acts by Lone Wolf Actors Are Redefining US Security Tactics

Thanks to the lone wolf shootings in Las Vegas, Americans will need to accept heightened security measures when checking in to any hotel.

Trump Slow To Replace John Kelly At DHS As Immigration, Security Challenges Continue

More than two months after making John F. Kelly his chief of staff, President Trump is not close to nominating a replacement to head the Department of Homeland Security.

Benghazi Trial Set To Take Closed-Door Testimony From CIA Security Personnel

Benghazi: Under unusual security measures, two CIA witnesses will testify under pseudonyms in a courtroom closed to nearly everyone but the defendant.

Do You Know What To Do In An ‘Active Shooter’ Emergency?

Active shooter drills: If people decide to stay instead of flee, leave them – it could mean the difference between getting out and getting shot.