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Legislation to Protect DACA Will Likely Contain Additional Border Security Measures

Will Congress agree and still be able to get a “good deal” on a DACA fix, even if the legislation is paired with increased border security?

Human Smuggler Apprehended in Arizona with Fake FBI Credentials

A recent run-in with a U.S. citizen trying to bring two Mexican nationals into the country illegally revealed some disturbing evidence

Reality Hits Hollywood After ‘Narcos’ Location Scout Murdered in Mexico

Narcos: Netflix location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal was murdered in central Mexico while conducting research for the series’ fourth season.

Smugglers Using Large Drones to Carry Drugs Across the US-Mexico Border

New problem: Drones seized near the US-Mexico border are capable of carrying up to 33 pounds, and one hauled a 13-pound package of meth nearly 2,000 yards.

US-Mexico Border Tunnels Evolve to Defy Security Measures

Tunnel vision: As security measures along the U.S.-Mexico border expand, drug smugglers will continue to find ways to work around them – often underground.

Trump Tries to Renew Coca Crop Eradication in Colombia – Despite Its Ineffectiveness

Marijuana and coca crop eradication has been performed since the 1970s in Colombia without any real impact on the drug trade; Trump looks to reinstate it.

El Salvador Fears Return of Gang Members Deported by Trump

According to the FBI and the U.S. Treasury Department, MS-13 membership has grown to at least 10,000 in the United States and more than 30,000 worldwide.

'Boots on the Border' Bill Would Waive Polygraph Test for Some Border Agent Applicants

The 'Boots on the Border' bill would help address hiring shortfalls at CBP by waiving "onerous and duplicative CBP polygraph hiring requirements."

Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman Secretly Extradited to United States

Extradition: Notorious Mexican kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán was put on a plane under the cover of night and flown from Mexico to New York on the night of Jan. 19, 2017.

Fiscal Realities May Impede Trump's Border Security Priorities

President-elect Trump has made no secret that immigration and border security are listed among those priorities. However, budget concerns may impede his plans going forward after his inauguration in January.