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In the wake of the Xi-Obama summit, it is fair to ask what is different now regarding the China-U.S. relationship in cyberspace.

Perhaps the most important outcome is what did not happen—the summit did not break down in mutual recriminations regarding cyberspace. Indeed, President Xi was willing to say things, in Chinese and for the record, that the Chinese government has never said before.

By Dr. Terry Simmons and Madison O Day

In Homeland Security

As the People’s Republic of China enters a new era of nationalistic imperialism under the present calcified Communist Party headed by President Xi Jinping, perennial political issues remain: claims of sovereignty over Taiwan and Hong Kong.

By Brett Daniel Shehadey
Special Contributor for In Homeland Security

A credit crunch and a fraudulent financial structure are slowly leading Beijing down a steady river of economic power decline which make its future as dominant leader less certain. China’s gross domestic product is at its lowest in 24 years.