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VACCINE Webinar Focuses on Decision-Making and Counter Terrorism

Established in July 2009 in partnership with Purdue University, VACCINE is the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Center of Excellence in Visual and Data Analytics. Its mission focuses on creating methods, tools, and applications to analyze and manage vast amounts of information for all mission-critical areas of homeland security in the most efficient manner.

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Reacting to Potential Attacks

By William Tucker
Chief Correspondent for In Homeland Security

In essence, the public nor the government overreacted to Wednesday’s cyber anomalies when there was, and still is, talk of an attack. As with man-made or natural disasters it’s not uncommon to see the same agencies playing the role of first responder. Regardless of the cause of the incident, many of the same issues will be present, but the biggest difference between the two will be the collection of evidence, how that evidence is used, and what it’s used for. 

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Cybersecurity Trends: Part 2

Vlog with Dr. Kelli Frakes
Program Director, Homeland Security at American Military University

Data security is a major concern across multiple industries. So, what is being done to combat the near-weekly data breach issues that are not only affecting large companies, but private citizens? Dr. Frakes discusses chip and pin use in the credit card industry, and whether it really is effective enough to combat the data breaches that put private citizens at risk.

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Evolving Terrorist Threats to the Homeland: From al-Qaida to ISIS

By Jeff Gardner
Faculty Member, Homeland Security at American Military University

For the next decade plus the U.S. focused on fighting the away game by aggressively going after AQ overseas while strengthening our home game to prevent any more terrorists from entering the country. The Transportation Security Administration was created within DHS to increase airport security while Customs and Border Protection focused on keeping terrorists out and the FBI became very adept at managing watch lists and no-fly lists with their interagency partners.

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