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Germanwings parachutes

Airframe Parachutes Might Have Prevented Germanwings Crash

The founder of an aerospace company dedicated to manufacturing airframe parachutes for general aviation and legacy aircraft, says that eventually such technology could even guard against sabotage — virtually preventing catastrophes like this week’s Germanwings A320 crash.

Even though IATA, the global trade association for the airline industry, reassured a jittery flying public that air remains the safest way to travel, perhaps it’s time to take a hard look at airframe parachutes for commercial aircraft.

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Saudi air strikes on Yemen

Officials: Saudi-led action relied on US intelligence

Saudi Arabia told the Obama administration and Persian Gulf allies early this week that it was preparing a military operation in neighboring Yemen, and relied heavily on U.S. surveillance ­images and targeting information to carry it out, according to senior American and Persian Gulf officials.

Despite days of planning for possible airstrikes, officials said, the Saudis withheld a final decision until it became clear late Wednesday that Houthi rebels were poised to take over Aden, the country’s main southern port.

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TSA Pre-Check

TSA’s Pre-Check Program Hits the 1 Million Mark

TSA’s Pre-Check program, designed to speed travelers through airport security, hit a milestone this week: enrolling its millionth passenger.

The lucky enrollee signed up at an application center in Boise, Idaho.

Acting TSA Administrator Melvin Carraway announced the news at an event Tuesday at National Airport. The program, launched in 2011 and expanded to the general public in 2013, gives eligible travelers the option of skipping the hassle of removing their shoes and other items from their person (and their bags) when they go through airport screening.

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