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Iran Nuclear Deal

President Obama has Difficult Time Selling Iran Agreement

By John Ubaldi
Contributor, In Homeland Security

After last week’s address at American University, President Obama is now facing opposition from his own party as New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer came out against the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Other Democrats have joined Schumer in his opposition to this agreement, including the ranking House Democrat on the foreign affairs committee, Rep.

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VACCINE Webinar Focuses on Decision-Making and Counter Terrorism

Established in July 2009 in partnership with Purdue University, VACCINE is the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Center of Excellence in Visual and Data Analytics. Its mission focuses on creating methods, tools, and applications to analyze and manage vast amounts of information for all mission-critical areas of homeland security in the most efficient manner.

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Espionage among allies

Espionage Among Allies

By William Tucker
Chief Correspondent, In Homeland Security

It’s expected that nations will collect intelligence. Much of it is open source, but other methods carry a certain weight because of sensitivity. Intelligence gathered from human sources is among the most sensitive of these collection methods. Some of this sensitive intelligence is shared among allies and the U.S.

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