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The Espionage Act of 1917 in the Modern Age

By William Tucker
Investigating members of the news media is often bad news for any presidential administration, even if a law was broken. In this most recent case, The Department of Justice secured a warrant to obtain phone records for reporters and editors who work for the Associated Press news agency and one reporter employed by Fox News.

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Syria’s Hunger Games

By Phillip Smyth, guest contributor

“Radical Islamist groups like [Jabhat] al-Nusra are already using targeted food distribution as a tool to curry favor with local populations, thus increasing their stakes in a post-Assad Syria.” – Phillip Smyth

An intrinsic component of Syria’s ongoing civil war, the control and distribution of food is becoming a multi-faceted strategic tool used not only to punish foes but also to build patronage.

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Judge in 9/11 trial OKs audio delays, censor at Guantanamo

The chief of the Guantanamo war court has approved the use of a time delay on public viewing of the Sept. 11 death-penalty trial as well as a censor in his court to make sure nobody divulges details of a now defunct CIA interrogation program, citing na…

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EDITORIAL: Privacy trumps need for cellphone surveillance

How private are your telephone conversations? It depends on what kind of phone you’re using. That’s a problem.
In Katz v. U.S., the 1967 “bookie in a phone booth” case, the Supreme Court ruled that no matter where a conversation occurs, it is protected…

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