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Evolving Terrorist Threats to the Homeland: From al-Qaida to ISIS

By Jeff Gardner
Faculty Member, Homeland Security at American Military University

For the next decade plus the U.S. focused on fighting the away game by aggressively going after AQ overseas while strengthening our home game to prevent any more terrorists from entering the country. The Transportation Security Administration was created within DHS to increase airport security while Customs and Border Protection focused on keeping terrorists out and the FBI became very adept at managing watch lists and no-fly lists with their interagency partners.

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naval militia

Naval Militia: An Overlooked Domestic Emergency Response Option

By LTC (OH) Deano L. McNeil, MPA, MCP
Special Contributor for In Homeland Security

The United States government and the governments of the states and territories utilize a multi-tiered military and emergency management force structure to prepare and respond to issues pertaining to homeland security and domestic military operations. This force structure includes active and reserve federal military forces, the United States Coast Guard, National Guard forces, state defense forces, and state emergency management agencies.

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