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The Implications of Extending the Iran Nuclear Talks

By John Ubaldi
Contributor, In Homeland Security

With all the news coverage on the resignation of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, missing was the reporting of Iran nuclear talks being extended another seven months.

For the past couple of years, “P5+1” nations in reference to the five permanent members of the U.N.

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Obama's Executive Orders on Immigration

President Obama to Outline Executive Action on Immigration Reform Thursday

By Glynn Cosker
Editor, In Homeland Security

Going against his vow to involve Congress on any of his initiatives to reform immigration rules, President Barack Obama is poised to announce comprehensive changes Thursday. The executive order he plans to sign this week will reportedly give as many as 5 million undocumented illegal aliens the right to stay and work in the U.S.

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Chuck Hagel: Syria Strategy Remains Unchanged

By John Ubaldi
Special Contributor to In Homeland Security

Amid reports of dissent inside the Obama administration regarding its Syria strategy, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, spoke before the House Armed Services Committee Thursday stating that “There is no change, and there is no different direction.”

Hagel continued his testimony saying, “The position of the United States remains that President Bashar al-Assad has lost the legitimacy to govern and that there is no purely military solution to the conflict in Syria.

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