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A Question of Turkish Territorial Stability

By Brett Daniel Shehadey
Special Correspondent for In Homeland Security

Ankara has called for an emergency session with NATO membership under the treaty’s Article 4, fearing territorial integrity, political independence and security threats. The flash point was the recent suicide attack by the Islamic State on July 20 that killed 32 people.

In retaliation, Turkish military forces carried out their first airstrike against the Islamic State in Syria.

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Evolving Terrorist Threats to the Homeland: From al-Qaida to ISIS

By Jeff Gardner
Faculty Member, Homeland Security at American Military University

For the next decade plus the U.S. focused on fighting the away game by aggressively going after AQ overseas while strengthening our home game to prevent any more terrorists from entering the country. The Transportation Security Administration was created within DHS to increase airport security while Customs and Border Protection focused on keeping terrorists out and the FBI became very adept at managing watch lists and no-fly lists with their interagency partners.

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