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Hezbollah Implicated in Bulgaria Bombing


By William Tucker

Bulgarian authorities and EU investigators have stated that they believe the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah was behind the July 18th, 2012 bombing that killed six people. In response, Hezbollah denied the charges, but the damage has been done. The U.S. has been pressuring the EU to recognize Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and these recent findings will likely support the U.S. position. For Hezbollah, the accusations of the Bulgarian bombing coupled with the fallout for its support of the Assad regime in Syria will likely cause further problems for the Lebanese movement. Hezbollah has been walking a fine line since major events such as the 2006 war with Israel and the assassination of Rafik Hariri have undermined Hezbollah’s political ambitions. The more recent attempts to support Assad and Iran will also stymie the group in rebuilding its standing.