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North Korea Threatens Retaliation for Newest Sanctions


By William Tucker

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un publically ordered the military to take “substantial and high-profile important state measures” to retaliate against the new sanctions that were levied by the UN Security Council last week – citing the U.S. specifically for spearheading the measure. The sanctions were proposed for the recent satellite launch undertaken by the North just a few weeks ago. Notably, China signed onto the new measures as opposed to abstaining as it has done in the past. In this instance Kim didn’t specify what those measures would be, but in keeping with past behavior Pyongyang may well engage in more nuclear tests, which intelligence seems to suggest, or missile launches. Additionally, provocative military exercises are another avenue that could be taken. Though North Korea has been attempting to strike a more conciliatory tone under Kim Jong-un, Pyongyang still has numerous problems that forces the country to return to the provocative behavior for which they are well known. It is unlikely that this will change in the heat term.