The Israel – Palestinian Prisoner Swap

By William Tucker
Israel and Hamas reached a prisoner swap deal last week in which 1,027 Palestinians held in Israel would be traded for an Israeli soldier held by Hamas in Gaza. The first part of the deal was carried out today with the Israeli soldiers release which coincided with the release and transfer of 500 Palestinians.

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Iranian Naval Route to U.S. Leaked Online

By William Tucker
About two weeks ago my counterpart, Charles Russo, posted on the threat made by Iran to deploy its naval vessels off the east coast of the United States. The statement was made by Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari during a speech commemorating the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war, but he didn’t elaborate on how Iran would accomplish this deployment, nor what types of vessels would be used to support the expedition (It should be noted that Sayyari is the commander of the Iranian Navy and not the naval arm of the IRGC).

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