Cuba’s Uncertain Future

By William Tucker In December 2011, I wrote an article on the influence of Cuba and Iran in Venezuela. Although Iran has some interests in using Venezuela to increase its footprint in Latin America, it is Cuba that has staked much of its economic welfare, indeed even its political fortunes, to the Chavez regime. In the time since that article was posted, Chavez’s health is still uncertain – despite his claims.
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New Development in Syria: Syria Will Use WMD against “External Aggression”

By Kyler Ong The Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said Monday that his country possesses chemical and biological weapons which will be readily used against any external aggressors (but not its own civilians) should the situation arise, an indirect indication that the Assad regime has been heavily weakened militarily by recent events.
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Israelis Targeted in Bulgaria Bombing

By William Tucker A tour bus carrying Israeli tourists was struck by a terrorist bombing today killing 7 and wounding another 32. According to eyewitness accounts, the explosion took place shortly after the passengers began boarding the bus. This suggests that the bomb was the work of a suicide bomber, or the device was detonated remotely by someone in the vicinity.
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Syrian Ministers Killed in Damascus Bombing

By William Tucker A reported attack on the National Security building in Damascus has killed three top Syrian ministers and wounded several others. Unfortunately, none of the information surrounding the reported attack can be verified. Two groups did, however, claim responsibility for the attack – the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Lord of the Martyrs Brigade. State run media did confirm an attack took place.
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Syrian Rebels Strike Damascus

By William Tucker To start, it is important to note that the claims by opposition forces and the al-Assad regime concerning the fighting in Damascus cannot be verified; however we cannot ignore that fighting is indeed taking place. That by itself is a significant development in the Syrian saga. In the past few days and weeks, several high level defections have taken place raising the prospect of a ‘palace coup.'
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Intelligence Collection: Is it Driving or Being Driven by World Changes and Conflict?

By Robin L. Thompson, DM Faculty Member, Intelligence Studies Program at American Military University The many political games and power plays occurring throughout the world on a daily basis are not always as they appear. Members of the intelligence community (IC) must proactively seek out clues and dig deeper to fully comprehend what is really happening behind the scenes.
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