By William Tucker In the last two days Syrian mortars have been fired into Golan prompting Israel to return fire. Also over the weekend the Syrian military carried out an airstrike on a rebel held village on the Syrian-Turkish border. These events have been used as evidence by international media that the Syrian civil war is spilling over into neighboring countries, and thus, is taking on a regional dimension.
By William Tucker Pentagon spokesman George Little recently stated that Iranian aircraft recently fired on a U.S. predator drone operating in international waters near the Kuwaiti-Iranian border. The unmanned aircraft came under fire as it was conducting a routine surveillance mission in the crowded area of the northern Persian Gulf by two Su-25 Frogfoot fighter aircraft operated by the Iran Revolutionary Guard Air Force.
By William Tucker China’s growing naval capabilities have garnered concern in U.S. defense circles – not to mention that of U.S. allies in East Asia – over the past decade and a half as Beijing has sought to expand its influence and territorial control in the waters bordering Southeast Asia. As if to accentuate the concern, China has been aggressively challenging its neighbors over disputed islands in the East and South China Seas.
By William Tucker The Bahraini Interior Ministry announced a ban on all rallies and public gatherings last week as the kingdom looks for a way to end the unrest that occurred over the last year and a half. Seemingly in response to the prohibition, five small explosions occurred in the capital Manama today, killing two foreign workers. According to reports, the improvised explosive devices were small.
By William Tucker Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has stated on several occasions that, “Syria is the route that allows Iran to supply Hezbollah with weapons in Lebanon. Syria is Iran’s route to the sea.” This statement has been met with confusion among many political watchers. On their website the Washington Post even responded by calling it “weird.”
By William Tucker General Abdullah Mahmoud al-Khalidi of the Syrian air force was reportedly assassinated by the Free Syrian Army late Monday along with a ranking official in air force intelligence. The sources for this information are Syrian state television and the FSA. These killings occurred during the continued fighting across the country in spite of a recent ceasefire. Of course, a violation of the ceasefire was bound to happen.
By William Tucker An explosion at an armament and munitions plant occurred in Sudan on October 24 government officials have stated. It did not take long for the government to put the blame for the Yarmouk arms factory's destruction on Israel. In fact, Culture and Information Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman was quite specific by claiming the plant was struck by four "radar-evading" Israeli aircraft. It is impossible to state for certain that Israel was involved at this point.
By William Tucker Late last week the Miami Herald ran a story claiming that Fidel Castro, the long time leader of Cuba, had suffered a massive stroke and was left in a vegetative state. The report quoted the same Venezuelan doctor, Jose Rafael Marquina, who had made inaccurate statements regarding Castro’s health in the past. As the title of this article would suggest, this is not the first time Fidel has been declared dead.