Interviewing Members of Armed Groups in Northern Ireland

By Dr. Elena Mastors
Dean, School of Security and Global Studies at American Military University

Northern Ireland has a tumultuous past and the conflict there that erupted in the late 1960s is often referred to as “the troubles.” In 1998 most parties involved in the conflict agreed to a political settlement known as the Belfast Agreement.

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Brief Update on the Syrian Crisis

By Kyler Ong As previously anticipated, Syrian bloodshed has escalated contrary to the hopes of the international community and has plunged the country into a state of civil war. While the option for a peaceful resolution in ending this particular episode of the Arab Spring is looking bleaker than ever, the US has already prepared itself for indirect intervention by discussing plans of providing intelligence to neighboring countries of Syria in case violence spills across the line.
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U.S. and Israel behind ‘Flame’ Virus

By William Tucker In yet another apparent leak to emanate from the U.S. intelligence community, the Washington Post is reporting that the U.S. and Israel jointly developed the so-called Flame virus that was recently discovered in Iran. The virus was discovered in Iran just last month after it had wreaked havoc with the computer network belonging to the Oil Ministry, although the Post report claims the software was developed five years ago.
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Nairobi Bomber Arrested in Tanzania

By William Tucker On May 28th, an explosion destroyed part of a shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya. Initially, local police believed the explosion was the result of an electrical fault, however later analysis showed that the explosion was a result of a deliberate attack. Kenyan police honed in on four suspects after the bombing and began circulating photos of the individual suspects. Today, police in Tanzania stated that they had a suspect in custody.
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Yemeni Military Retakes Southern Cities

By William Tucker The Southern Yemeni cities of Jaar and Zinjibar were retaken by the Yemeni military. Details provided by the military suggest that some combat took place killing an estimated 24 militants, while some residents stated that the members of Ansar al-Sharia had left the previous night. It is not unusual for conflicting details to be presented during combat, but what is important is that the Yemeni government is reaserting control.
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Syria: “Yea” to Intervention?

By Kyler Ong

World leaders know that they have no reason to believe that Syrian bloodshed will come to an end anytime soon, or that Annan’s peace plan will even be half-achieved, if not without more aggressive measures from the international community – that is to say, military intervention. Yet, these leaders need to weigh the options and assess the potential cost of an all-out war.

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