Donald Trump, Jeb Bush hold dueling town halls in NH

DERRY, N.H. (AP) — Donald Trump and Jeb Bush faced off at dueling town halls in New Hampshire Wednesday evening that capped a long day of campaigning in the state.

In Derry, Trump repeatedly criticized the former Florida governor as low energy and mocked him for drawing a smaller crowd than he did.

In nearby Merrimack, Bush portrayed the billionaire businessman and current GOP front-runner as a tax hike-promoting Democrat.

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Nuclear Distraction: Inattention Has Put The U.S. In Danger

The Iran Deal is the biggest nuclear story of the decade. Yet most Americans are paying little attention. Even the 70th anniversary of dropping the atomic bombs on Japan stirred little interest. Today, nuclear weapons are pretty much “out of sight, out of mind.”

That’s quite a change from the Cold War era, when an entire generation of Americans was raised on worrying about “duck and cover.”

In America, writes Yale professor Paul Bracken, “[n]uclear weapons are considered a relic of the Cold War.” And that’s a dangerous conceit.

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