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Judge in 9/11 trial OKs audio delays, censor at Guantanamo

The chief of the Guantanamo war court has approved the use of a time delay on public viewing of the Sept. 11 death-penalty trial as well as a censor in his court to make sure nobody divulges details of a now defunct CIA interrogation program, citing na...
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Retaking Mali’s North

By William Tucker Guinea has agreed to release a shipment of military arms bound for Mali following an inspection by Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The arms shipment was held up because ECOWAS was still mediating in the crisis between the Malian military and the civilian government. The transfer of power to a new unity government back in August helped clear the way for international assistance.
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U.S. Ambassador to Libya Killed

By William Tucker Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, was killed yesterday, along with three others, during an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Initial reports suggested that the attack was related to the protests that took place in Egypt over a film portraying the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a poor light; however eyewitness reports state that the attackers did not come from the group of protesters outside.
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AQAP Deputy Emir Reported Killed in Yemen

By William Tucker The Yemeni military has claimed via its website that former Guantanamo inmate and deputy emir of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Said al-Shihri was killed in an airstrike in Yemen’s Hadramawt province. This report has not been independently confirmed and al-Shihri has been reported dead on several occasions. Few details were given about the airstrike or how al-Shihri was identified.
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Al-Qaeda Plot Disrupted in Spain

By William Tucker Spanish authorities have arrested three men for allegedly planning a terrorist attack against Gibraltar or the European mainland. Unfortunately, not much information about the alleged plot has been disclosed to the press other than some information on the individuals and the areas they had visited. The names of the accused have not been officially released, however two are described as having come from Russia.
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A Look at Al-Qaeda in Syria

By William Tucker Back in March 2011, I had written an article on the reported presence of al-Qaeda militants fighting against the Qaddafi regime after U.S. intelligence indicated that “flickers” of al-Qaeda were seen among the rebellion. Keeping true to form with the rest of the Arab Spring uprisings, the same concern is being expressed in regards to the situation in Syria. Unlike Libya, however, the presence of al-Qaeda is more pronounced.
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Al-Qaeda Hits Yemen Police Academy

By William Tucker A suicide bomber struck a police academy in Sana’a Yemen killing eight and wounding another 15. As of this writing al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has not officially claimed responsibility for the attack; however AQAP has made numerous threats against the Yemeni government in response to the counterterrorism operations that have been ongoing since May. Furthermore, the tactics and target of today’s attack strongly suggest that AQAP was involved.
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Alleged Al-Qaeda Operative Apprehended for Visiting UK Olympic Park

By William Tucker British officials have stated that a man of Somali origin broke an order issued by the UK’s Home Office barring him from visiting the Olympic Park. According to reports, the suspect broke the order on five separate occasions. Officials speaking with the media claim the suspect trained with late al-Qaeda operative Saleh Nabhan in Somalia until Nabhan’s death in 2009 at the hands of the U.S.
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Al-Qaeda Operative Tied to 9/11 Attacks Captured in Pakistan

By William Tucker An al-Qaeda operative that has been tied to the 9/11 and Mumbai attacks has been captured in by Pakistani Authorities. The operative, Naamen Meziche, has been living in Iran, but was captured in Pakistan shortly after entering the country. Meziche has been involved in several plots and somehow managed to move around Germany although he was known to German authorities.
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Meeting in the Middle: The Importance of a Broad Strategic View in National Security

Edward J. Hagerty, Ph.D. Program Director, National Security Studies at American Military University Israel is rattling sabers and forcefully denouncing Iranian negotiations over its nuclear program as merely a stalling tactic, while Washington and its allies prepare to meet soon in further efforts to deter Iran from its nuclear goals.  Could there be a settlement at hand, or will an Israeli strike lead to a wider regional conflict?
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