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Al-Qaeda Operative Tied to 9/11 Attacks Captured in Pakistan


By William Tucker

An al-Qaeda operative that has been tied to the 9/11 and Mumbai attacks has been captured in by Pakistani Authorities. The operative, Naamen Meziche, has been living in Iran, but was captured in Pakistan shortly after entering the country. Meziche has been involved in several plots and somehow managed to move around Germany although he was known to German authorities. At some point he managed to get to Syria only to be detained before he could enter Iraq shortly after the U.S. invasion. Later in 2009-2010 Meziche returned to Germany as part of a plot to execute Mumbai style attacks against several European countries. It was shortly after that plot was unraveled that Meziche fled to Iran. It is possible that Meziche was entering Pakistan to meet with the al-Qaeda leadership in the country, but the purpose of this meeting is unknown. Furthermore, it would have been relatively risky considering the tempo of U.S. drone strikes in the Afghanistan border region. Meziche’s movements are notable for those reasons alone and certainly add to the pressure the current leadership is under.