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AMU & VACCINE DHS Center of Excellence at Purdue University Co-Sponsor Webinar Series


The VACCINE Center and American Military University are proud to announce the launch of a bimonthly webinar series beginning July 31, 2015.

Established in July of 2009 in partnership with Purdue University, VACCINE is the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Center of Excellence in Visual and Data Analytics. Its mission continues to focus on creating methods, tools, and applications to analyze and manage vast amounts of information for all mission areas of homeland security in the most efficient manner.

The upcoming webinars are in coordination with the framework of The National Conversation on Homeland Security Technology that was recently created by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T). Each webinar will focus on a specific structured dialogue topic related to homeland security technology in an effort to get people talking about problems, challenges, and solutions to keep our country safe.Register now

The first webinar, “Decision-Making and Counter Terrorism: How the Visual Analytics of Data Can Help Save Lives” will be highlighted by co-presenters Dr. Dennis Thom, VACCINE Center PI, of The Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems, University of Stuttgart and Dr. James Hess, Faculty Director & Associate Professor of Intelligence & Terrorism Studies at AMU.

Visual Analytics (VA) has emerged as the vision of deeply integrating human-computer interaction and data visualization with computational methods and automated machine learning. By interactively complementing the comprehensive computing power of machines with the insight, intuition, and knowledge of human analysts, VA strives to tackle some of the most profound big data challenges of our time. In this webinar, we want to highlight how visual analytics techniques can support information gathering, situation assessment, and decision making in command, control, and interoperability environments.” – Dr. Dennis Thom; Dr. James Hess.

Stay tuned to In Homeland Security for upcoming feature articles on VACCINE and register today for the first webinar.