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AQAP Leader: Anyone Collaborating With US Will Be Punished


From HSToday

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) leader, Qasim Al Rimi, called on Yemeni soldiers to repent, and promised punishment for anyone collaborating with the US in an interview published by Al Malahem, AQAP’s media arm.

He also claimed the recent US commando raids in Yemen were unsuccessful and provided tips to tribesmen to counter future attacks.

The interview, posted on AQAP’s official Telegram channel, also featured Al Rimi accusing the UAE of facilitating the implementation of the US’s military strikes against Al Qaeda in Yemen.

“According to Al Rimi, the recent US commando raid in Al Bayda province was carried out based on ‘false’ information, and as a result, dozens of US soldiers were killed and wounded, and they left behind them a number of items including maps, devices detecting infrared rays, a police dog and two aircraft which were subsequently destroyed by the commandos,” said the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadi social media. “Al Rimi then provided the ‘brothers’ with tips for dealing with night commando raids, urging them to ‘rely on Allah,’ assign at least two guards per shift, remain hidden during clashes to avoid being targeted by aircraft, and plant bombs and mines in a circular pattern away from the guarded location and allow the enemy to enter the trap.”

After accusing the UAE of taking part in the US commando raids in Yemen and facilitating the the US’s military actionsin Yemen – which, according to Al Rimi, is controlling Yemen’s ports such as Al Mukalla, Aden and Al Hudaidah as well as the islands Socotra and Perim – “Al Rimi also threatened to punish anyone found collaborating with the US,” MEMRI said.

“No official, officer or spy will escape from the mujahideen, even if takes us a long time [to identify him]. We are people who do not forget our revenge, and we will not sleep while oppressed,” Al Rimi said.

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