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Trump’s Letter Firing FBI Director Implies Russia Investigation Had Effect On Decision

Major implication: Fired FBI Director Comey’s choices regarding the investigation of Russia-Trump ties had an effect on President Trump’s decision.

Why the Political Establishment Fails to Understand Trump Supporters

To understand the reasons behind why people support Trump, you must first look at the election from those citizens’ perspective, rather than any partisan viewpoint.

Protecting Defense Contractors in Conflict Zones Requires More Training

Planning and strategy development will better prepare defense contracting senior management to manage war zone uncertainties and employee performance in-country.

South Texas Land and Residents Become Ground Zero for Border Wall Struggles

The US-Mexico border debate: Texas residents are now preparing for what they anticipate will be a long and vicious fight.

What Can Be Done About The Lone Wolf Terrorist Threat?

More than half of the 82 individuals inspired by a foreign terrorist group to perpetrate or attempt a terrorist attack in the U.S. were American citizens born in the States.

AQAP Leader: Anyone Collaborating With US Will Be Punished

AQAP's leader promised punishment for anyone collaborating with the US in an interview published by Al Malahem, AQAP’s media arm.

The US Attacks Syria: What’s Next?

The U.S. must not tolerate attacks by Assad on civilians in Syria. It is in the national security interests of the U.S. to find a way to end the carnage.

The US Media Must Provide a Broader View of World Affairs

An expert offers up some detailed examples of recent world news items that many Americans did not learn about from the media.

Nuclear Proliferation – An Expanding and Frightening Reality

We live in an unstable world, stemming from the proliferation of nuclear knowledge used by rogue states like North Korea - to produce nuclear weapons.

Identity Of ISIS Drone Engineer, Plan To Improve Drones’ Ability To Carry Explosives

A reputed Tunisian citizen named Fadhel Mensi, aka Abu Yusri Al Tunisi, is ISIS's drone engineer, according to a Dubai-based TV network.