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Planning for Riots and Protests Requires Identifying Problems and Creating Partnerships

In the summer of 1988, riots broke out on the on the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The rioting was the direct result of Greekfest, a college fraternity and sorority celebration held at the city convention center.

Work resumes on church destroyed on 9/11

After a three-year halt due to financial problems, work resumed Monday on a Greek Orthodox church being built to replace one destroyed in the attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

Trump Issues Election-Year Order On H-1B Visas And Federal Contracts

Experts say it is unclear what a new executive order issued by Donald Trump on federal contracting will accomplish, though it may be followed with additional measures to restrict companies that employ H-1B visa holders.

Record heat, politics inflame Iraq’s electricity shortages

In Iraq’s oil-rich south, the scorching summer months pose painful new choices in the age of the coronavirus: stay at home in the sweltering heat with electricity cut off for hours, or go out and risk the virus.

Kids getting caught in crossfire as US gun violence surges

July in Chicago ended as it began: Mourning the death of a child whose only mistake was venturing outside to play when someone armed with a gun came to the neighborhood hunting for an enemy.

Afghan troops retake prison attacked by IS group; 29 killed

Afghan forces said they retook a prison in the country’s east on Monday afternoon, following an hours-long battle a day after the facility was targeted by the Islamic State group in an attack that killed 29 people.

Iran Accidentally Sinks Fake Aircraft Carrier In Wrong Place

The saga of Iran’s fake aircraft carrier, intended as a propaganda coup, is turning into an own goal for Iran.

Analysis: Often on brink, Lebanon headed toward collapse

Every day brings darker signs Lebanon has rarely seen in past crises: Mass layoffs, hospitals threatened with closure, shuttered shops and restaurants, crimes driven by desperation, a military that can no longer afford to feed its soldiers meat and warehouses that sell expired poultry.

China, Australia spar on Twitter over South China Sea

A look at recent developments in the South China Sea, where China is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple territorial disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons.

Hong Kong postpones elections by a year, citing coronavirus

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam announced Friday that the government will postpone highly anticipated legislative elections by one year, citing a worsening coronavirus outbreak in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.