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Can We Stop Publicizing Terrorists without Censorship?

Terrorists must communicate their hate and inspire recruits. Communication through online methods is now standard for many terrorist organizations.

How the SR-71 Blackbird Made US Intelligence Superior

The SR-71 Blackbird occupies a prominent place in history. What made the SR-71 special was how advanced all facets of its engineering were at the time.

How Do You Lead in a Crisis? New Zealand's P. M. Shows How It's Done

We look to leaders when disaster strikes. Indeed, response to a crisis goes to the very root of leadership. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern demonstrates four pillars of leading in times of great need. Connection. Compassion. Clarification. Conviction.

Pompeo in Lebanon to Talk Hezbollah Amid Golan Condemnation

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held talks with Lebanese leaders on Friday amid strong regional condemnation of President Donald Trump's declaration that it's time the U.S. recognized Israel's sovereignty over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Defense Alone Won't Stop Cyber Threat to U.S. Finance

Are the Fed and other guardians of the financial stability of the nation (and the world) doing enough to protect and defend against a potentially catastrophic cyberattack?

The New Zealand Terror Attack Shows Our Ethics Lagging Way Behind Our Technology

When white nationalist terrorism struck New Zealand, after similar strikes in Norway, Pittsburgh and Charleston, it showed how we are failing to meet a central challenge posed by our technologically hyper-connected world.

Police Chief Accuses Mainstream Media Of 'Driving Acts Of Terrorism'

Given that acts of terrorism are believed to be fueled by propaganda, some officials are claiming the mainstream media is more likely than social media to feed such hatred.

The Latest: Police Say Mosque Gunman Planned Another Attack

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush says he believes police officers stopped the gunman who killed 50 people at two mosques on his way to another attack.

How Do We Create Artificial Intelligence That Is More Human?

A recent survey indicated that only 16% of business leaders surveyed are getting significant value from advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in their companies.

After massacre, Trump downplays white nationalism threat

President Trump played down any threat posed by racist white nationalism on Friday after the accused New Zealand gunman called the president "a symbol of renewed white identity."