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Five Sobering Lessons From Iran's Downing Of America's Most Capable Drone

Iran’s destruction of a U.S. Global Hawk unmanned aircraft with a surface-to-air missile near the Strait of Hormuz should be a wake-up call for proponents of autonomous or remotely-piloted warfighting systems.

'A Fight For Truth': To Criticize Trump In Debates, Democrats Must Be Scrupulously Honest

Democrats running in 2020 have said now that Trump has a record as president, he is vulnerable to criticism that he has repeatedly misled the American people.

Report: US Must Communicate Better With Hostage Families

U.S. must do a better job communicating with families of hostages held overseas, including telling "hard truths" to loved ones about the chances for rescue.

'This Is A Nightmare': A Woman Fell Asleep Mid-Flight And Woke Up Trapped In A Dark Plane Alone

A woman woke up "freezing cold" and sitting in "complete darkness." Her plane flight, which left Quebec City in the evening, had landed hours earlier.

Defense To Question Investigator In Case Against Navy SEAL

Defense lawyers for a decorated Navy SEAL charged with war crimes are expected to grill the lead investigator in the case Tuesday.

France Calls For Dialogue Between US, Iran

France has reiterated its call for de-escalation and dialogue between the U.S. and Iran, as world leaders prepare for the Group of 20 summit.

Australia Repatriating 8 Youth From Islamic State Families

Eight Australian offspring of two slain ISIS fighters were removed from Syria in Australia's first organized repatriation from the conflict zone.

Former Metro Police Officer Caught In Terrorism Sting Fails To Win Lighter Sentence

A former police officer who sent money to a man he thought had joined the Islamic State will spend another 10 years behind bars.

Why Fear of Nuclear Threatens National Security and World Peace

By calling off a US military attack on Iran, President Donald Trump may have averted terrorist attacks on Americans and a wider war in the Middle East.

Pompeo In Saudi Arabia, Iran Threatens More US Drone Attacks

Mike Pompeo held talks Monday with the Saudi king and crown prince after days of mounting tensions following the downing of a U.S drone last week.