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Afghanistan claims killing an al-Qaida leader wanted by FBI

Afghanistan claimed Sunday it killed a top al-Qaida propagandist on an FBI most-wanted list during an operation in the country's east, showing the militant group's continued presence there as U.S. forces work to withdraw from America's longest-running war amid continued bloodshed.

Crew safe, 7 detained after UK special forces raid tanker

All crew members of an oil tanker that was stormed by British naval special forces after a group of stowaways threatened violence are “safe and well,” the ship‘s operator confirmed Monday.

Japan rejects nuclear ban treaty; survivors to keep pushing

Japan said Monday it will not sign a U.N. treaty that bans nuclear weapons and does not welcome its entry into force next year.

Military, police in Washington state prepare for possible civil unrest after election

As tension builds toward Election Day, law enforcement officials in Washington and elsewhere are preparing for the prospect that this year's long, hot summer of unrest won't end on Nov. 3, regardless of who wins the presidency.

Resentment, smoke linger in Nigeria’s streets after unrest

Resentment lingered with the smell of charred tires Friday as Nigeria’s streets were relatively calm after days of protests over police abuses, as authorities barely acknowledged reports of the military killing at least 12 peaceful demonstrators earlier this week.

Analysis: Debate is brief interlude of normalcy in 2020 race

The second and final presidential debate, it turns out, was actually a debate — a brief interlude of normalcy in an otherwise highly abnormal year.

Trump, Biden fight over the raging virus, climate and race

President Donald Trump declared the virus will “go away.” Former Vice President Joe Biden countered that the nation was heading toward “a dark winter.”

US: Russian hackers targeting state, local networks

U.S. officials said that Russian hackers have targeted the networks of dozens of state and local governments in the United States in recent days, stealing data from at least two servers.

Starvation Must Not Be a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Despite notable success in fighting hunger and related endeavors to end starvation as “a weapon of war and conflict,” the Rome-based WFP is still projected to fall short of the UN goal to eradicate hunger by 2030.

U.S. Says Russia And Iran Obtained Voter Registration Data To Interfere With Election

The U.S. government says Iran and Russia have obtained U.S. voter registration information with the intent to interfere with the November election.