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Our Geriatric Bomber Force

To put the current bomber deficit situation in historical context, in 1957 the Air Force had 2,334 bombers in its inventory; in 1990 it had 411; the 2021 budget plans for 140.

China Uses Android Malware To Spy On Ethnic Minorities Worldwide, New Research Says

China-based surveillance campaigns are using Android malware to spy on Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities worldwide, according to new research from mobile cybersecurity firm Lookout.

Pentagon And Congress Risk Bungling Drive To Modernize U.S. Military

The Army Future Combat System, Navy’s Ford-class aircraft carrier, and the Air Force KC-46 Tanker are just a few recent examples where technological hurdles slowed or stopped introduction of a new program service leaders considered essential to stay ahead of adversaries.

Video Shows Massive Iranian Navy Submarine Being Moved By Road

Iran’s three Kilo Class submarines are the most potent warships in their navy. A video has surfaced on social media showing one of them being transported by road.

S Korea asks senior US envoy to try to revive N Korea talks

South Korea on Thursday asked a visiting senior U.S. envoy to try to revive stalled nuclear diplomacy with North Korea, which has refused to resume talks because of what it calls hostile U.S. policies.

Yes, TikTok Has A Serious China Problem—Here’s Why You Should Be Concerned

A platform based in an adversarial state with an install base in the hundreds of millions across major western democracies is a threat.

Burkina Faso’s volunteer fighters are no match for jihadists

Armed only with a knife, Issa Tamboure was no match for gun-wielding jihadists who attacked his village in northern Burkina Faso in March.

Regional governor in Russia arrested on murder charges

A provincial governor in Russia's far east has been arrested on charges of involvement in multiple murders, officials said Thursday.

Experts: COVID Multiplying Risks To Critical Infrastructure

Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff: Changes wrought by the COVID-19 global pandemic include the risk of crippling cyber attacks on critical infrastructure like the electric grid.

Electromagnetic Pulses Are A Perfect Sneak Attack. Pentagon Developing Ways To Detect One.

EMP is the perfect sneak attack. The invisible, silent radio pulse is only apparent when electronics stop working. At present there is no way of telling when an EMP attack has occurred, or what it has affected.