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Does the United States Have a New Grand Strategy?

Some say that the United States has not had a grand strategy since the Cold War. How is a grand strategy different from a national security strategy?

Fearing US abandonment, Kurds kept back channels wide open

Discussions between the Kurds, the Syrian government and Moscow began last year as the Kurds grew nervous that the Americans would leave them in the lurch.

British family decries treatment by US after border crossing

Seven members of an extended British family who made an unauthorized crossing into the U.S. from Canada are being held at a Pennsylvania detention center.

Turkish invasion sparks NATO crisis but eviction is unlikely

Turkey's invasion of northern Syria is close to sparking a crisis at the world's biggest military alliance. But NATO has seen tense times before.

Russia Moves To Fill Void Left By US In Northern Syria

Russia moved to fill the void left by the United States in northern Syria, deploying troops Tuesday to keep apart advancing Syrian government and Turkish forces.

What You Need To Know About Flying With the Upcoming REAL ID Deadline

If your driver's license says “Not for Federal Identification” or “Federal Limits Apply,” it's not a REAL ID, and soon you can't use it to fly domestically.

Releasing Gun Photo Inappropriate, Fort Worth Chief Says

After a white Fort Worth police officer fatally shot a black woman inside her home, police swiftly released body camera footage that depicted the moments before the shooting, saying they were doing so in the interest of transparency.

Gunmen Ambush Police Convoy In Mexico, Kill 13 and Wound 9

State police expected the worst when they ventured into the wild township of Aguililla to serve a single warrant. Commanders sent 42 officers in five trucks.

Brexit Talks Face Uphill Struggle As Deadline Looms

Britain and the European Union said Monday that Brexit talks were making progress – but not yet enough to ensure a deal by the end of the month.

US Pulling Out Of Northern Syria; Full Withdrawal Possible

The United States appears to be heading toward a full military withdrawal from Syria amid growing chaos, cries of betrayal and signs that Turkey's invasion could fuel a broader war.