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U.S. Cyber Force Credited With Helping Stop Russia From Undermining Midterms

Senators praised the military's cyber force for helping secure last year's midterm elections, with one suggesting it was largely due to U.S. Cyber Command that the Russians failed to affect the 2018 vote.

Could Facebook Track The Locations Of Journalists And Politicians It Deems A 'Threat'?

Facebook has leveraged its position as a global surveillance and intelligence database to repurpose its own platform to track problematic users in realtime.

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld Announces Plan To Challenge President Trump For Republican Nomination

Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld told an audience in New Hampshire that he will try to take on President Trump in the 2020 Republican presidential primary.

IS Militants Cling To Last Square Kilometer In Eastern Syria

Islamic State group militants clung to their last square kilometer of land in eastern Syria on Thursday with an unknown number of civilians trapped inside.

Trump Administration Sued Over Shift In Asylum Policy

Lawsuit claims the Trump administration's policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico while their cases wind through immigration courts violates U.S. law.

Pentagon Review Of SpaceX’s Air Force Certification Is Unlikely To Keep The Company Grounded

The reason for the investigation into SpaceX’s certification is unclear. Neither the Inspector General’s Office nor SpaceX have commented on it.

Authorities Say Suspect In Suitcase Death Is In US Illegally

A man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and dumping her body in a suitcase in Connecticut is a citizen of Portugal and is in the U.S. illegally.

Building The Air Force We Need To Meet Chinese And Russian Threats

In the words of Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, “The Air Force is too small for what the nation expects of us.” How will it be rebuilt?

Former Air Force Tech Sergeant Who Served 10 Years Charged With Spying For Iran

Air Force and Justice Department say that Monica Elfriede Witt spent more than a decade in the service before her eventual defection to Iran.

EDITORIAL: Members of Congress, President Trump: Do your jobs

Well, here Washington goes again, allowing a contentious debate over immigration to swing the country in the direction of a partial government shutdown.