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Barr to withhold bail from asylum seekers in latest border crackdown

Attorney General William P. Barr ordered immigration judges to stop allowing some asylum seekers to post bail while they wait for their cases to be heard.

Facial recognition may help you get on a plane or cruise ship faster. Should you worry about your privacy?

Technology companies are working with travel providers and the federal government to install facial recognition systems at airports and cruise terminals.

The U.S.’s provocative move on Iran is getting mixed reviews

Last week, the State Department announced that it was designating the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran as a terrorist organization.

Coast Guard officer accused of plotting terrorist attack asks judge to review his jail status

The attorney for a U.S. Coast Guard officer accused of plotting a terrorist attack has asked a federal judge to review his detention status.

Department of Homeland Security considers labeling fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction

The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly weighing whether or not to label fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction.

Did India shoot down a Pakistani F-16 in February? This just became a big deal.

India claims a MiG-21 pilot shot down a Pakistan F-16 fighter aircraft before his own aircraft was downed – but Pakistan's leadership denied this.

Bill Weld launches campaign against Trump for 2020 Republican nomination

Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld officially announced Monday that he will challenge President Trump for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination.

232 Unmanned Ships May Be Key To Countering China, Russia

Most key questions over how these unmanned ships will be controlled, by who, and if they will be deployed independently have yet to be answered.

Cyber Breach Planning: Lessons From the Equifax Breach

Last week, Canada’s federal Privacy Commissioner issued its decision in the 2017 Equifax data breach, citing several concerns with security safeguards against Equifax Canada and its US parent company, Equifax Inc.

Is Legislation the Only Hope to Fix Social Media's Ills?

It is clear that the current system of self-regulation and total immunization of social media platforms from any responsibility or consequence of the misuse of their platforms simply isn’t working.