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Turkey convicts 4 human rights activists of terror charges

A Turkish court on Friday convicted Amnesty International’s former Turkey chairman, Taner Kilic, of membership in a terror organization and sentenced him to more than six years in prison.

Trump Administration ‘Certainly Looking At’ Banning TikTok In The U.S., Pompeo Says

Mike Pompeo stated that the U.S. is “certainly looking at” restricting TikTok and other Chinese social media apps, reviving national security and privacy concerns about China’s tech giants.

Turkey Is Deploying Lots Of Air Defense Systems In Syria And Libya

In recent months, Turkey has deployed an array of air defense missile systems in both Syria and Libya to deter and defend against air and drone attacks mounted by its rivals in these war zones.

Iran declines to disclose cause of mysterious nuke site fire

An online video and messages purportedly claiming responsibility for a fire that analysts say damaged a centrifuge assembly plant at Iran's underground Natanz nuclear site deepened the mystery Friday around the incident.

North Korea says it has no plans for talks with US

North Korea on Saturday reiterated it has no immediate plans to resume nuclear negotiations with the United States unless Washington discards what it describes as “hostile” polices toward Pyongyang.

Department of Homeland Security to safeguard US monuments

The Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday that it will be adding the protection of statues and monuments to its mission.

US issues guidelines but no new rules for safe air travel

The Transportation, DHS, and HHS departments made recommendations in a report with guidelines for reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus by air travel.

Critics of US-Taliban deal say militants can’t be trusted

Intelligence that Afghan militants might have accepted Russian bounties for killing American troops did not scuttle the U.S.-Taliban agreement or President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw thousands more troops from the war.

US Buys World Supply Of Remdesivir For Coronavirus — What Does That Mean For Public Health And Our Future?

The pandemic preparedness exercises and discussions all include the need to distribute access to treatments globally and equitably. The U.S. cornering the world’s supply of remdesivir sets a bad precedent.

How to Address Today’s Systemic Racism Issues: Part I

Acknowledgment of systemic racism is the first of a three-step process to correct the injustice that has plagued the country for hundreds of years.