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States Set Their Own Restrictions to Combat Coronavirus

Regardless of federal guidelines, some states have begun to lift restrictions – allowing small businesses and public places to re-open – even as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

States Get Jump on CDC Draft Guidelines and Start to Reopen

Several states have begun loosening or abolishing restrictions aimed at containing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Is it too soon?

Coronavirus Pandemic Drives Oil Industry into a Tailspin

The benchmark price for a barrel of crude oil in the U.S. fell to negative $37.63: "We’re in a deflationary moment that surpasses anything seen in most people’s lifetimes."

Coronavirus Pandemic: Minorities Are Shown to Be at Higher Risk for COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic: COVID-19 disease is attacking all parts of the United States - especially cities with huge numbers of minorities.

Coronavirus Takes No Weekend Break as US Death Toll Rises

On Saturday, an NYPD announcement said that at least "696 members of the New York Police Department tested positive for coronavirus."

State Governors Take Steps to Stem Growing COVID-19 Cases

Everett, Wash., became the latest city to clear its streets when Mayor Cassie Franklin ordered 110,000 residents to stay home.

COVID-19 Prompts US Plans for Trillion-Dollar Relief Effort

The COVID-19 pandemic is producing unprecedented and chilling fatalities numbers, but it's also taking a massive toll on financial planning and the economy.

COVID-19 Pandemic Causing Fiscal Turbulence for World’s Airlines

As more and more of the world's intercourse shuts down, the industry largely responsible for opening the world is among those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic: the airline industry.

Coronavirus: Is COVID-19 Like the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918?

A look at the differences between the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19 (which killed around 50 million people) and today's coronavirus COVID-19.

Intelligence Pros Assess Current Whistleblower Protections

Intelligence Community Whistleblowers panel: Who is a whistleblower? Should a whistleblower remain anonymous? Are their actions legal or illegal?