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COVID-19 Prompts US Plans for Trillion-Dollar Relief Effort

The COVID-19 pandemic is producing unprecedented and chilling fatalities numbers, but it's also taking a massive toll on financial planning and the economy.

COVID-19 Pandemic Causing Fiscal Turbulence for World’s Airlines

As more and more of the world's intercourse shuts down, the industry largely responsible for opening the world is among those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic: the airline industry.

Coronavirus: Is COVID-19 Like the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918?

A look at the differences between the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19 (which killed around 50 million people) and today's coronavirus COVID-19.

Intelligence Pros Assess Current Whistleblower Protections

Intelligence Community Whistleblowers panel: Who is a whistleblower? Should a whistleblower remain anonymous? Are their actions legal or illegal?

AMU Expert's Book Assesses Trends in Intelligence Gathering

“Intelligence Operations” offers concrete proof that intelligence collection has evolved from a craft – albeit a dangerous one to pursue – to a highly structured, invaluable technology.

Trump’s Impeachment Dilemma Evokes Nixon’s Watergate Case

Both presidents have been controversial, dogmatic and demanding; Both are despised by many Americans; both hate the press. Is history repeating itself?

Demonstrations in Haiti Bring Country to Brink of Chaos

The almost-daily protests in Port-au-Prince and the other cities and areas of Haiti have left 18 people dead so far in clashes with police.

Warren Was Chief Target of Rivals at Ohio Democratic Debate

When the 12 Democrats took the stage in Ohio, it was Senator Elizabeth Warren who weathered most of the attacks from her competitors.

Presidential Debates Help Candidates Earn Image Points

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, the nation will witness the largest presidential debate ever when 12 Democratic candidates take the stage Otterbein University in Ohio.

Protests Force Government in Ecuador to Flee Capital

Five days of violent protests in Ecuador forced President Lenin Moreno's government to quit the capital city of Quito for the coastal city of Guayaquil.