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Protests Force Government in Ecuador to Flee Capital

Five days of violent protests in Ecuador forced President Lenin Moreno's government to quit the capital city of Quito for the coastal city of Guayaquil.

Iraqi Forces Kill at Least 21 Anti-Government Demonstrators

Two days of anti-government protests in Baghdad have left at least 21 dead, despite the imposition of a round-the-clock curfew in the Iraqi capital.

Area 51 Braces for Possible Desert Humanitarian Disaster

Just weeks after the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival, over 300,000 people pledged to attend “Storm Area 51” in Nevada on September 20.

Intel & National Security Summit Explores Space and Cyber Issues

A report on the Intelligence and National Security Summit co-hosted by AFCEA International and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA).

AMU Sponsors Upcoming Intel & National Security Summit

More than 1500 high-level government and industry professionals are expected to gather on Wednesday, September 4, for two days of discussions and plenary sessions on a wide range of intelligence and national security issues.

Repeal of Kashmir Autonomy Law Angers China, Pakistan

The war of words between India and Pakistan over India’s recent repeal of the state of Jumma and Kashmir’s special autonomy may be heating up again.

US, Taliban Resolve Differences over US Troop Withdrawals

After two days of talks in Doha, the United States and the Taliban have “resolved differences” over the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Ebola Virus Transported To China On Commercial Flight

Report: Scientists sent Ebola virus to China on a commercial flight. The virus is a Level 4 pathogen and is among the deadliest in the world.

India Revokes Status of Kashmir: Border Violence a Threat

The government of India has revoked Kashmir’s special status, a move that could trigger renewed violence in the disputed area between India and Pakistan.

State Department’s Key Role in Stopping Human Trafficking

Among the numerous federal law enforcement agencies that work to prevent human trafficking, the State Department is one of the lesser known.