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Glynn Cosker is the Managing Editor of EDM Digest. Glynn has more than 20 years of writing experience, and he’s the Managing Editor of EDM Digest's sister blog site: In Homeland Security. Born and raised in the U.K., he began his career in government and spent 12 years working in the Consular Section of the British Embassy in Washington – attaining the rank of Vice Consul in the late 1990s. Glynn and his family live in New England.

The Nationalities Deported From The U.S. In 2018 [Infographic]

The GAO has released an overview of immigrant arrests, detentions and removals across the United States over the past four years.

Nordic Countries Are The World's Safest, New Report Reveals

Nordic countries often place high in various standard of living and happiness surveys. Now, they’ve also been recognized as the safest places in the world.

DSS Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC) Officially Opens

The U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service’s Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC) will formally open its doors with a ribbon-cutting inaugural ceremony Thursday at a brand-new facility in Blackstone, Virginia.

Ukraine's Leader Vows More Weapons Pullbacks In The Works

Zelenskiy: Ukrainian troops will begin a weapons pullback in a second location in war-torn eastern Ukraine next week if a cease-fire there persists.

North Korea Fires Missile Days Before Resuming US Talks

North Korea fired a ballistic missile from the sea in what may be its first test of an underwater-launched missile in three years.

CBP Reports Steep Increase in Inadmissible Family Units Stopped at Border

CBP released statistics on Southwest Border apprehensions for fiscal year 2019 that demonstrate a new and growing challenge on the Southwest Border.

All Secure Foundation: Returning Warriors to Civilian Life

Q&A with the co-founders of the All Secure Foundation, whose mission is to address the post-service challenges our veterans face.

Trump Says He's Declaring Emergency To Build Border Wall

President Donald Trump announced Friday that he will declare a national emergency to fulfill his pledge to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Russia, Ukraine And The Disputed Crimean Peninsula

In this video, AMU's Dr. Matthew Crosston discusses the relationship between Russia and Ukraine – and how each nation views the peninsula of Crimea.

VLOG: Analyzing Terrorist Mass Communication And Social Media

In this vlog for IHS, Dr. Keith Ludwick offers his expert insight on how a terrorist utilizes mass communication like social media.