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Glynn Cosker is a writer and editor, currently based in New England. He is the Managing Editor of EDM Digest. Glynn has more than 20 years of writing experience, and he’s the Managing Editor of EDM Digest's sister blog site: In Homeland Security. Born and raised in the U.K., he began his career in government and spent 12 years working in the Consular Section of the British Embassy in Washington – attaining the rank of Vice Consul in the late 1990s. Glynn was previously a managing editor with the successful NHL site – The Hockey Writers – and still blogs for them on occasion as a Washington Capitals writer. He is also an avid actor and has appeared in 30 shows over the past 20 years. Glynn and his family live in New Hampshire.

Chechen Leader Kadyrov Taunts Moscow Again with Talk of Retirement

In an interview with the state-run television network Rossiya 1 on November 27, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov again suggested he was considering retirement.

Video: Human Rights and International Conflict

Video: Dr. Elise Carlson-Rainer, Assistant Professor at American Public University (APU), discusses the causes that lead to international conflict and why addressing human rights as a facet of foreign policy is relatively new.

Russia and Iran Continue to Make Gains in Syria at US Expense

The U.S. needs a strategic policy in dealing with the complex situation in Syria. Defeating ISIS was the easy part; now, the difficult part begins.

Kurds' Desire for Independence Remains a Long-Cherished Goal 

The dream of a Kurdish state remains uncertain. The Kurds have benefited from significant upgrades in equipment from the United States, as well as from the experience of working with U.S. advisers.

Nevada’s Yucca Mountain And A Reasonable Alternative to Storing Nuclear Waste

Yucca Mountain Alternative: Other major nuclear nations recycle nuclear materials.The United States has not even started a nuclear recycling program.

North Korea's Latest Missile Launch Appears To Put U.S. Capital In Range

North Korea claimed Wednesday that the entire U.S. mainland is within reach after "successfully" testing a new kind of intercontinental ballistic missile.

Lebanon PM's Return Heightens Unpredictability in Volatile Region

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri reversed his plans to resign as he returned to Lebanon on Nov. 22, punctuating an already volatile month in the region.

Why Turkey Remains in NATO and Will Maintain its Strategic US Partnership

For now, Turkey remains in NATO and will maintain its strategic partnership with the U.S., despite overall poor relations. But, for how long?

Boko Haram Suspected of Nigerian Mosque Bombing that Killed Up to 50

The Islamist militant group Boko Haram is being blamed for a suicide bombing that occurred Tuesday that killed at least 50 worshipers at a mosque.

U.S. Redesignates North Korea as a State Sponsor of Terrorism

At a recent Cabinet meeting, President Donald Trump announced his intention to designate North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.