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Transitioning Out of Active Duty during COVID-19

Active duty during COVID-19: The future remains uncertain so servicemembers have a lot to consider when preparing to re-enter civilian life.

Scammers Exploiting Legitimate Coronavirus Contact Tracing

The Better Business Bureau says that scammers and identity thieves have exploited legitimate contact tracing.

Nationwide Protests Are Fertile Soil for Domestic Terrorism

During the ongoing nationwide demonstrations, we must recognize the continued threat of active shooters and domestic terrorism. 

The Ongoing Colombian Peace Process and the Nation's Future

Colombia has faced internal armed conflicts for more than 54 years, including against revolutionary groups.

Prisons Worldwide Seek Ways to Ease the Coronavirus Crisis

Prisons and jails around the world are facing a growing threat due to the coronavirus crisis as social distancing is often not possible within prison walls.

Developing Global Partnerships to Fight Criminal Acts

The development of international communication is vital to solving global problems such as human trafficking and other criminal justice-related issues.

Facial Recognition Technology a Growing Law Enforcement Tool

With the ability to search databases in the billions, facial recognition software may have a major impact on combating human trafficking.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Reducing Some Types of Crime

One of the positive aspects of the catastrophic coronavirus pandemic is that some police departments are seeing their crime calls dramatically decrease.

COVID-19 Checkpoints Aid In Combating Human Trafficking

The increased checkpoints to screen passengers in vehicles and at airports – initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic – will help to combat human trafficking.

Understanding and Preparing for Mass Shooting Incidents

If escape is not possible from a mass shooting, hiding is the next best option. It's important to understand the difference between cover and concealment.