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Understanding and Preparing for Mass Shooting Incidents

If escape is not possible from a mass shooting, hiding is the next best option. It's important to understand the difference between cover and concealment.

Law Enforcement Seeks to Destroy Terrorist Funding Sources

A critical aspect of combating terrorism is investigating how terrorist organizations fund their operations to carry out their attacks.

Recognizing Human Trafficking in the United States

Human trafficking can occur anywhere and in any community, regardless of a victim’s social status. In terms of victims, 25 percent of them are children and 75 percent are females.

Reporting Suspicious Activity May Help Prevent Mass Casualty Incidents

It is everyone’s responsibility to take an active role in reducing the risk of mass casualty tragedies by reporting suspicious behavior.

The Need to Combat Human Trafficking Worldwide

Human trafficking is a major problem worldwide. This crime encompasses sex trafficking, forced labor, and domestic servitude.

A New and Useful Solution to a Massive US Drug Problem

The answer to the U.S. drug abuse epidemic involves reducing consumer demand. Jailing and rehabilitating drug offenders has proved to be ineffective.

The Failing Battle Against Drug Production in Colombia

Despite several strategies to eradicate domestic cocaine production, Colombia still struggles with a massive drug cultivation and manufacturing problem.

The Business of Cocaine and How Semi-Submersible Vessels Threaten the Detection of Drug Smugglers

Coast Guard challenge: Semi-submersible vessels with cocaine are often towed by fishing boats, and these boats blend in with legitimate boating traffic.