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Trump Executive Order Does Nothing to Reunite Separated Immigrant Families

In the face of enormous pressure and opposition to a “zero tolerance” immigration policy, President Trump on June 20 signed an executive order that supposedly would keep more immigrant families together while they go through either asylum or criminal proceedings.

Hungarian Woman’s Plight Exposes Hidden Aspects of the Immigration Debate

Reflecting upon my friend’s story (and stories similar to hers) I am reminded of how complex issues such as immigration reform can easily be reduced to sound bites calling for blunt enforcement of border security law as it is written.

Is President Trump Preparing for an International Trade War?

Trump campaigned on renegotiating current trade deals or completely abandoning those deals which he claims are one-sided. At the G-7 summit, however, Trump dropped a bombshell when he called for the elimination of all trade barriers. Was Trump being serious or was this some sort of grand starting point?

Several US Governors Withhold Border Assistance Over Trump Immigration Policy

President Trump’s new policy of separating children from their immigrant parents who are being held for criminal prosecution is ruffling more than the general public’s feathers. Elected officials across the U.S. are finding ways to demonstrate their opposition to this policy through initiatives of their own.

What You Need to Know About US Immigrant Family Separation Policies and Practices

In early May, the Trump administration decided to refer all persons caught crossing the U.S. border illegally for federal prosecution. This policy has resulted in the largest separation of parents from their children at the border in history.

Sean Penn Disputes Netflix Portrayal of His Role in El Chapo Arrest

While Mexican authorities hunted for El Chapo for much of the last decade, a Netflix documentary implies that Sean Penn played a role in his latest arrest.

Human Smuggler Sentenced for Bringing Illegal Immigrants from Terrorist ‘Hot Spots’ to US

On October 17, a federal judge sentenced the mastermind of a smuggling ring who brought dozens of illegal immigrants from terrorist hot spots into the U.S..

UK Elections: Speculators Increase Short Bets on Sterling and Gilts

In the UK, it is all about one thing and one thing only: General elections – 8th June. Mark the date. Long story short, both main parties have declared that they are not going to back down from Brexit and we expect them to respect the public wish.

Airliners as Political Weapons: Countries Isolate Qatar by Closing Airspace

Who really knows what’s behind the decision by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain to cut diplomatic relations with Qatar, but it would not be far-fetched to suggest these countries and Egypt, Libya and the Maldives, are weaponizing aviation by closing the airspace.

Battle for Islamic State's Raqqa Stronghold in Syria Has Begun, says U.S. Coalition

U.S.-backed forces in Syria have begun the long-awaited battle seeking to retake the Islamic State's Syrian de facto capital of Raqqa, the U.S.-led coalition fighting the extremist group said Tuesday.