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John Ubaldi is president and founder of Ubaldi Reports, which provides credible, political content, addressing domestic and global issues. John is a 30-year retired veteran of the United States Marine Corps with three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time in the Marine Corps, John became a foremost authority on civil affairs as it relates to counterinsurgency and irregular warfare, and he is an author in various military journals. John authored the book The New Business Brigade: Veterans Dynamic Impact on U.S. Business currently available on Amazon. His knowledge of Middle Eastern culture and national security policy has afforded him the opportunity to speak on many national and local news programs such as the syndicated national news program “Washington Journal” and other radio and television programs.

US Military Preeminence Faces Many Challenges

Never in recent memory has the United States faced so many immense global challenges. But is our military 100 percent prepared for what confronts us today?

Midterm Elections End without Mention of National Debt

National Debt: If the US is ever going to get its fiscal house in order, it needs to increase economic growth and substantially alter its spending appetite.

Split Decision: Democrats Take House, GOP Retains Senate

The fallout from the 2018 midterm elections will carry over into the 2020 presidential election and that contest effectively begins today.

Mid-Terms: Is A 'Blue Wave' On The Horizon?

Historically, the party that controls the White House during the mid-terms often suffers at the ballot box when a 'wave' of voters participates.

2018 Midterm Elections: Most Consequential of Our Time

Millions of voters are neither progressives nor conservatives. It is these independents who will likely decide the outcome of the U.S. mid-term elections.

Did The FBI Meet The DNC About Russian Meddling Allegations?

The latest article from In Homeland Security's op/ed columnist, John Ubaldi, deals with the FBI, the DNC and alleged Russian election meddling.

Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation Further Damages Media Credibility

The Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics states the media should "take responsibility of the accuracy of their work; verify information before releasing it.”

The Kavanaugh Hearing: The Balkanization of the US Legal System

Kavanaugh hearing: Whatever happens, the fundamental principles of “innocent until proven guilty” and the “burden of proof” have been substantially damaged.

Mid-Term Election Campaigns Aren't Addressing National Debt

The mid-terms are approaching, and America’s greatest national security threat – the national debt – is being ignored by both Republicans and Democrats.

Stabilizing Afghanistan Means Dealing with the Insurgent Sanctuary of Pakistan

The U.S. must convince Pakistan that peace is in everyone’s interests or the Afghan and Pakistani people will continue to suffer.