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Trump Unveils Plan to Defeat ISIL

Deploying military forces without clear and concise efforts and objectives provide would-be recruits with a powerful reason to join ISIL.

Bulgaria Premier Resigns After Party Loses Presidential Vote

Bulgaria's prime minister handed in his resignation to parliament Monday after results showed his party losing badly in the presidential runoff, opening the way for an early parliamentary election.

Brexit: where we are now in Britain's decision to leave EU

British Prime Minister Theresa May has outlined a broad timetable for the country's departure from the European Union. That should bring more clarity about Britain's future, right? Not necessarily.

An Uncertain Future: Impact of The Hague Ruling on South China Sea Maritime Sovereignty

Disputes over maritime territory in Southeast Asia are not new. Currently, there are other unresolved maritime boundary disputes for nations in that region, including disagreements between Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in the Celebes Sea.

Presidential Accountability and the War Powers Resolution of 1973: Part 1

The 1973 War Powers Resolution Law granted the president authorization to deploy combat forces overseas, but there were restrictions that presidents found unreasonable.

Is the F-35 Ready to Defeat ISIS?

The F-35 fighter is destined to help defeat ISIS and its terror campaign. But will current aircraft be deployed 'as is' or with needed enhancements?

4 Reasons to Use the APUS Mobile App

This article was originally published at Online Learning Tips.

One of the benefits of online education is the ability to work on your assignments anywhere with an internet connection. Launched in May 2015, the APUS Mobile App, takes this one step further with features that makes it easy to fit earning a degree into your lifestyle.