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Vietnam Arms Embargo Lifted, What Happens Now?

Over the weekend, I wrote an article laying out the drivers, policy options and geopolitical context of President Obama's pending decision whether to lift the longstanding arms embargo prohibiting the sale of U.S. lethal weapons to Vietnam.

Navy SEALs invite public to honor fallen SEAL killed in Iraq

The U.S. Navy SEALs are inviting people to line the streets in the military town of Coronado on Friday to honor the special warfare operator killed in Iraq.

Beware Of The Apple ID Expiration Scam

Have you received a text message that says your Apple ID is due to expire today? This is an example of a phishing scam currently spreading in the form of a text message.

US diplomats: Russian strikes hit Syrian rebels, civilians

Two top U.S. diplomats said Wednesday that 85 to 90 percent of Russian air strikes in Syria have killed moderate opposition forces - and civilians.

If ISIS Bombed Russian Airliner, It Would Draw Egypt And U.S. Military Closer — Despite Human Rights Abuses

It's clear an ISIS bomb may have downed the Metrojet Airbus. Such an attack would increase the closeness between the al-Sisi regime and the U.S. military.

Technological Self-Fulfilling Prophecies From ‘Back To The Future’

Hoverboards; drones; flying cars; fingerprint scanners; It was recently "Back to the Future Day" on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015. What did the film get right?

Apple and Dropbox say they’re against a key cybersecurity bill, days before a crucial vote

Apple and Dropbox oppose a controversial cybersecurity bill that, according to critics, would give the government sweeping new powers to spy on Americans.

Trump’s Republican critics pushing for GOP-backed takedown

If the GOP's baffled establishment wants to dismiss their party's billionaire presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, they may have to do it themselves.

America At A Crossroads: 4 Ways It Could Go

In America, strong national alignment around a shared vision and purpose has been possible before, and it's possible again - if we make the right choices.

Son of late PM Pierre Trudeau becomes Canada’s new PM

Canadians voted for a sharp change in their government Monday, returning a legendary name for liberals, Trudeau, to the prime minister's office.