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Ongoing Protests in Belarus Threaten Lukashenko’s Power

The post-election protests against the Alexander Lukashenko reelection have maintained their momentum despite the violence from Belarusian security forces.

Chinese Espionage: A Far-Reaching and Long-Lasting Threat

China's need to collect information has not diminished, making the need to further diversify its approach to collection all the more necessary. The aggressiveness of Chinese espionage, however, will not diminish any time soon.

Armenia and Azerbaijan Renew Fighting along Shared Border

The armies of Armenia and Azerbaijan came to blows this past Sunday, threatening to plunge the two neighbors into renewed conflict.

Iran Enrichment Site Fire Causes ‘Significant Damage’

Iran: A government spokesman stated that the machinery destroyed in the fire will be replaced with more advanced equipment though enrichment will slow in the interim.

Egypt’s Threat to Directly Intervene in Libya Stirs Middle Eastern Turmoil

Egypt has obliquely threatened some form of military action regarding the Ethiopian dam, but it is clear that Cairo is facing two crises that the government views as existential.

Are Manned US Systems in Low-Earth Orbits a Defense Necessity?

Utilizing the privately built SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, NASA successfully launched two astronauts to ISS: We examine the pros and cons of manned low-orbit U.S. systems.

Re-Election of Taiwan President Poses Problems for US-China Ties

Taiwan: Washington's challenge then is no longer to maintain a failing status quo but, rather to forge ahead with a new strategy in the Western Pacific.

The Enduring Nature of Geopolitical Spheres of Influence

Acknowledging that spheres of influence exist is but one hurdle to clear. Grappling with overlapping spheres is quite another matter.

Russia Again Allegedly Targets Czech Republic Critics

The Czech Republic has a long history of dealing with Russian aggression, but this recent plot truly demonstrates just how far Russia will go to punish the slightest perceived transgression.

Dealing with Unsubstantiated Rumors from North Korea

While it is important to monitor the situation in North Korea, rushing to action based upon dubious or incomplete information is inadvisable.