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Why the Carter Administration Kept a Nuclear Test Hidden

Nuclear Test: Forty years ago this week, a U.S. satellite named Vela 6911 recorded a “double flash” in the South Atlantic near South Africa.

Saudi Oil Facilities Attack Has Created International Risks

Saudi Arabia's Aramco crude oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais were attacked on Sept. 14, cutting oil production by nearly six million barrels a day.

The US Has No Need to Buy Greenland or Upset Denmark

Diplomatic dust-ups with Denmark—a longtime ally—over a region that already has a U.S. military presence only serves to undermine U.S. interests.

China Has No Fully Formed Response to Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong is a small territory that is concerned about its future. China is likewise concerned, but for different reasons.

Russia's Continued Social, Economic and Military Decline

Recent protests in Russia over government corruption and electoral issues have occurred in several cities, prompting a government crackdown.

Despite Angry Words, Negotiating with Iran Remains Possible

Given the heated rhetoric between Washington and Tehran, it is difficult to think that the two nations could ever return to the negotiating table.

China and Iran Working to Evade Sanctions from the US

The challenge for the Trump administration is avoiding a conflict with Iran while maintaining a truce with China in the trade war.

US Naval Dominance of the World's Oceans Must Continue

With his tweets, President Trump doesn’t suggest outright that he wishes to scale back U.S. naval dominance, but he must articulate his strategy fully.

The Escalating US Trade Wars: Beyond China, Part III

The third and final installment of columnist William Tucker's series on the growing trade war between the United States and China.

The Escalating US-China Trade War, Part 2

The U.S. is going to forcefully push back against China and its activities by exploiting Beijing’s weaknesses without straying into an armed conflict.