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The Escalating US-China Trade War, Part 2

The U.S. is going to forcefully push back against China and its activities by exploiting Beijing’s weaknesses without straying into an armed conflict.

The Escalating US-China Trade War, Part 1

Recent talks failed because China believed that the U.S. economy was weak and that China could rely on economic data to undermine Trump’s reelection effort.

Is a US Attack on Iran Really Possible or Too Far-Fetched?

Until we see a force buildup nearing the 2007 plan, it is highly unlikely that the U.S. plans any offensive action in the region or against Iran.

Acting Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó Attempts Coup

Interim Venezuelan president Juan Guaidó called on Venezuelans and the military to join him – a move the sitting government has called an attempted coup.

Why North Korea's Cybercrime Affects Its US Relationship

The State Department is concerned that North Korea will use its criminal capabilities—particularly in cybercrime —while it is under U.N.-led sanctions.

Sudan's Longtime President Falls in a Military Coup

After four months of protests, the Sudanese military on Thursday arrested President Omar al-Bashir during a coup and moved him to a “safe location.”

India's Space Program Advances with Successful ASAT Test

For India, the successful ASAT test is but one step toward developing a comprehensive strategy to deal with modern threats.

The Implications of Shifting Borders in Disputed Areas

Without any ability on the behalf of the UN to enforce past international treaties or international law, the trend of shifting borders will continue.

Pakistan and India Again Sit on a Nuclear Powder Keg

Nuclear conundrum: The potential for escalation is huge, and tensions will remain high as long as disputes between Pakistan and India go unresolved.

A Tale of Two Presidents … In Venezuela

It has been a few weeks since Juan Guaidó declared himself the interim president of Venezuela; the other president, Nicolas Maduro, refuses to leave office.