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Exploring Additional Long-Range Interceptor Sites

Brett Daniel Shehadey
Special Contributor for In Homeland Security

Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and Fort Greeley in Alaska are the nation’s only ground-based interceptor (GBI) locations for national long-range missile defense.

An East Coast missile interceptor site is now being explored, with potential candidates like Fort Drum in New York.

The hawks in congress have called the Iranian threat the reason and that by 2015 may have ICBMs and nuclear capabilities; although at that point, they may be more likely to nuke the US through far less conventional means at their disposal.

F-22 Deployment Augments U.S. Military in Persian Gulf

By William Tucker Over the past few months the U.S. military has placed numerous assets across the Persian Gulf region. Among the deployments are the regular positioning of two aircraft carriers, a doubling of minesweeping vessels, new missile systems, and now the deployment of F-22 and F-15C fighter aircraft to the Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates. The announcement of the F-22 deployment set off a firestorm of speculation.

Considering an Israeli Strike on Iran

By William Tucker This has become an endless topic on which speculation is rife. Indeed, it’s been discussed here before. But will Israel really launch a military strike against Iran in the near future? Essentially, the answer is no. There are many reasons why Israel would refrain hitting Iran’s nuclear facilities such as military limitations and political considerations, but perhaps the main reason why is the lack of an existential threat.

Air Force Launches X-37, Falcon HTV

By William Tucker
On April 22 the U.S. Air Force launched an unmanned spacecraft known as the X-37 which was widely covered in the press. The Associated Press, however, also reported that the Air Force launched an unmanned glider on the same day. The glider is really the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle-2 – a vehicle that will allow the U.S.