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President Obama’s Asia-Pacific Pivot: Security Implications

By Richard Pera
Dean of the School of Security and Global Studies at American Military University

President Obama recently visited Asia for the fifth time in his presidency in late April . In a White House website video, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes declared, “The United States is a Pacific nation [and] the president himself is a Pacific president, having been born in Hawaii.”

The Arab Spring Turns Two

By Dr. Laura Culbertson
Faculty Member, International Relations at American Public University

It was two years ago this December when protests erupted across the Arab world following the self-immolation of Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi on Dec. 17, 2010. During these two years, the world witnessed the ousting of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, as well as the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen.

Extradition of Super-Hacker McKinnon Denied by UK Government; Cyber Security Experts Sound Off

Early on Tuesday, October 16, BBC News reported that extradition of computer hacker, Gary McKinnon, was denied by the British government.  Home Secretary Theresa May went on record to say that even in light of his incredible crimes, she has “…no doubt that he is seriously ill. There is such a high risk of him ending his own life that a decision to extradite would be incompatible with his human rights.”

Gary McKinnon, 46, has admitted to hacking into a variety of military computer networks, including NASA and the Pentagon.

How Well Do You Know Your Network?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month; and in light of this, InHomelandSecurity is presenting a series of blogposts focusing on the security steps you can take to protect yourself from hacking, clickjacking, and other forms of cyberterrorism. Think about what you can do to make yourself more secure in your online world, and take a moment to read our offerings for this month of safety and security:


Malicious URL’s in social networking are nothing new.