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Is the American Merchant Marine a Zombie?

Robert Bowman, Forbes
Special to In Homeland Security

Supporters of U.S.-flag merchant shipping are fighting hard to protect it against cheaper foreign competition. But the fleet is effectively dead already, according to one industry expert.

Former State Department official Richard K Bank said decades of government subsidies and cargo-preference laws have failed to preserve ships that are built, owned and operated by U.S.

Why Did We Make The Atomic Bomb?

James Conca, Forbes
Special to In Homeland Security

This is a very, very important question, as relevant today as it was in 1943. Richard Rhodes recently gave a lecture at the Hanford site in Washington State for the 70th Anniversary of the Manhattan Project that provides more insight into this issue than any other I have ever heard. 

What Message Is The Government Sending With Serious Cyber-Vulnerabilities At Homeland Security?

Joseph Steinberg, Forbes
Special to In Homeland Security

A new report from its own Inspector General notes that the US Department of Homeland Security –  the government division ostensibly responsible for ensuring cybersecurity throughout the nation – itself suffers from serious cyber-vulnerabilities.

The report notes that problems exist even on Top Secret systems, and that among other problems, the Department of Homeland Security commonly utilizes inadequate authentication, fails to properly track data and hence is unable to adequately monitor who is accessing what information, and runs seriously outdated software.

Secretary of State Meets with Putin to Discuss Syria

William Tucker
Chief Corespondent for In Homeland Security

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov today to discuss the situation in Syria. The two parties have agreed to hold another international conference aimed at continuing the dialog from the Action Group for Syria meeting last summer.