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The Death of Cyber Doom? Not So Fast

For decades, we have heard a lot of talk from American officials, industry experts, and others about the supposed threat of a “cyber 9/11,” “cyber Pearl Harbor,” “cyber Katrina,” or even “cyber Sandy.” In short, we have been warned repeatedly that “cyber doom” is coming. Indeed, as recently as last fall, cyber doom was in the news as a result of the cyber attack on Sony.

Anthem Data Breach: Protect Yourself

From Forbes

With news of the hacking of health insurer Anthem, many consumers may be wondering what they can do to protect themselves.  Below are six key steps you can take to ensure you are protected.

1.  Get a password manager.  After every data breach, the advice is the same — change your password, make sure it is complex, and don’t use the same password or username across various websites.  

Justice Department Creates Cyber Unit to Provide Legal Guidance on Electronic Surveillance

By Amanda Vicinanzo
Senior Editor of Homeland Security Today
Special to In Homeland Security

Just days after the FBI alerted U.S. businesses to be on the lookout for malicious malware like the kind that took down the internal network of Sony Pictures, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced plans to create a cyber crime unit to advise on electronic surveillance in cyber investigations and work with the private sector to prevent online crime.