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Ebola: Rethinking Security

By Dr. Patricia Campbell
Assistant Provost of Graduate Studies, Research, and Innovation at American Public University System

Ebola is more than a potential endemic; it is a prime example of the importance of viewing “security” much more broadly than traditional definitions, which have focused on power, military might, and defensive and offensive capabilities.

Ebola: A Race for the Cure

By Brett Daniel Shehadey
Special Contributor for In Homeland Security

In early August an expert panel from the World Health Organization said, “in the particular circumstances of this outbreak [in West Africa], and provided certain conditions are met, it is ethical to offer such unproven interventions as potential treatments or for prevention of infection.”

EDITORIAL: A Manhattan Project against Ebola

American public health officials face two formidable challenges: the possible spread of Ebola…and the possible spread of panic about Ebola.

In the days since Dallas medical personnel apparently mishandled the case of Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian who’d recently traveled to the U.S., public health leaders here have scrambled to assure Americans that things are under control.