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Gulf Oil Spill

After the Spill: What’s Next?

Identifying the next steps in the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.
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Since April 20, 2010, America has felt the dire consequences of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which continues to threaten the ecosystem and inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico.

Government Reports, Response Flawed

By Daniel Hahn
Special to InHomelandsecurity.com
The government put on their rose-colored glasses and proclaimed the oil crisis over. We who live here have not. In a recent report, the federal government made a claim that 75 percent of the oil is gone, collected, picked up, burned, or otherwise accounted for. They say 25 percent was evaporated and weathered away.

Rumor Control

By Dr. Carol Pollio
As the oil has diminished (nearly 30 days of no new oil in the Gulf), my job as Liaison Officer (LNO) has definitely changed. Today I spend most of my time doing “rumor control” – allaying fears of phantom oil and assessing the socioeconomic impacts of the spill, and a lot less time on operational issues and political conflicts.

That’s Tough!

By Dr. Carol Pollio
Riding down in the hotel elevator this morning, a young woman, seeing me in uniform, asked me if I “jumped out of helicopters ‘n’ stuff”. I said, “No, I don’t.” Then I added, “My job is to try and make everybody happy” and smiled. She replied, “Wow, that’s tough! That’s a lot harder than jumping out of helicopters!” I couldn’t agree more!

What About the People?

By Dan Hahn
Special to InHomelandsecurity.com
The oil has stopped. Now everyone is thinking about all the important things, like what if the cap fails and more oil comes, when should boom be pulled, how long with VOOs (Vessels of Opportunity) be employed to help out, and all the operational aspects that come with this train of thought, to include political implications.

Gulf Oil Spill: The Clean Up

By Dr. Carol Pollio
The orders recalled me to New Orleans, but I’d been told I could end up anywhere “from Houston to Florida”.
Thus began my assignment to the Gulf Oil Spill. I headed into New Orleans on July 5th, and then on to Mobile, Alabama, on July 7th. The Incident Command Post (ICP) is in Mobile – spending almost a week there was an exciting experience.