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Logistics Plays a Crucial Role in Haiti Response and Recovery

By Irvin Varkonyi, Adjunct Professor
American Public University System
In the wake of the tragic earthquake in Haiti, the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) is working to identify relief needs together with major humanitarian relief agencies.
ALAN was formed through the collaborative efforts of Logistics associations including the American Society of Transportation and Logistics, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, APICS, the Association for Operations Professionals, and others.

Haiti: the UN’s Role in Emergency Management

By William Tucker
In my previous post, I stated, The government of Haiti has a difficult time enforcing the writ of the state in the best of times and nearly ceased functioning in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. Haiti has had a troubled past to say the least, and is currently playing host to a UN peacekeeping contingent to help manage a country that has been divided all too frequently.

Haiti: Emergency Management in Third World Nations

By William Tucker
It has now been several weeks since a catastrophic earthquake destroyed much of Port-au-Prince Haiti and while the international response was rapid, at least it appeared that way to an outside observer, the relief efforts were really hindered by lack of coordination. As is often the case, the U.S. Military took the lead on the logistics end which eventually required taking control of the airport and repairing the main port of the Haitian capital to ensure that supplies moved into the disaster area as quickly as possible.