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The Myth of Iraq’s Perfect Military Solution

By Brett Daniel Shehadey
Special Correspondent for In Homeland Security

The U.S. needs more advisers in Iraq. That will solve the ISIS crisis. Build more bases. Give an army that delivers U.S. weapons and equipment to the enemy. Train soldiers that run from battle. Lastly, help to unite a state tri-party state in which Baghdad continues to grow closer to Tehran and separated only by a line in the sand and Arab versus Persian blood.

What comes after Tikrit?

By Diane L. Maye
Special Contributor for In Homeland Security

Recently, after a month-long military operation, the Iraqi government declared victory over the Islamic State in the city of Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein and a stronghold for IS forces.

Tikrit’s recapture could not have been accomplished without the help of a popular mobilization movement known as the Hash’d al Shaabi, which consists of primarily Shi’ia paramilitary groups, and coordination from Iranian military advisors from the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force.