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France Enters Malian Fray

By William Tucker On Friday, January 11th, French military forces were thrust into the midst of the Malian conflict in response to a recent Islamist offensive that was driving south. The Islamist offensive initially assaulted the central city of Mopti, and the nearby city of Sevare – which hosts the Mopti airport – before becoming bogged down. Rather than fight a protracted battle with the Malian military and risk heavy losses...

Head of Benghazi CID Kidnapped

By William Tucker The newly appointed head of the Benghazi Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Abdulsalam Al-Mihdawi, and an associate were kidnapped by gunmen while waiting at a stop light. There isn’t much information to go on as to the culprits behind the attack, although eyewitnesses to the kidnapping claimed the attackers were militant Islamists. Benghazi has suffered from regular violence in the last few months.

Joseph Kony and the viral, not so flattering video

By William Tucker For the past week the charity Invisible Children has been working to, in their words, make Joseph Kony famous. They have done so by creating a video entitled Kony 2012 that has spread through social and mainstream media resulting in substantial coverage. Much of the video oscillates between naive to self aggrandizing nonsense, yet strangely, this type of activism can create an environment in which a government can maneuver.

Israel Warns of Terror Attacks in the Sinai

By William Tucker
The Israeli prime minister’s anti-terror office issued a statement today urging all Israelis to leave the Sinai Peninsula immediately because of credible information regarding attempts by terrorists to kidnap Israeli citizens. The PM’s anti-terror office has a standing warning against visiting the Sinai; however many Israeli’s simply choose to ignore their government on this issue.

Kidnapping on the Rise: California Asst Principal Abducted and Killed in Mexico

By Jenni Hesterman, Counterterrorism Expert
Counter Terror Forum
Augustin Roberto “Bobby” Salcedo was a school board member and assistant high school principal. Salcedo, 33, was abducted and killed by gunmen while visiting his wife’s family in Mexico (Gomez Palacio) for the holidays. He was found dead Thursday in the northern state of Durango by Mexican authorities, his brother Carlos Salcedo said.