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Regionalization and Spillover

By William Tucker In the last two days Syrian mortars have been fired into Golan prompting Israel to return fire. Also over the weekend the Syrian military carried out an airstrike on a rebel held village on the Syrian-Turkish border. These events have been used as evidence by international media that the Syrian civil war is spilling over into neighboring countries, and thus, is taking on a regional dimension.

Joseph Kony and the viral, not so flattering video

By William Tucker For the past week the charity Invisible Children has been working to, in their words, make Joseph Kony famous. They have done so by creating a video entitled Kony 2012 that has spread through social and mainstream media resulting in substantial coverage. Much of the video oscillates between naive to self aggrandizing nonsense, yet strangely, this type of activism can create an environment in which a government can maneuver.

Movie About Ibrahim Parlak in the Works

Director Marc Forster (who’s just been tagged to do the newest James Bond feature) has announced plans to direct a new movie inspired by the real-life experience of Kurdish immigrant Ibrahim Parlak.
In 2004, Parklak was taken into custody by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on July 29, 2004, based on his alleged past ties to the PKK, a rebel group that sought to win independence for Northern Kurdistan from Turkish rule.

Counter-Terror Events and Alerts From Around the World

20 June 2007 London: Anti-war protests are scheduled for 10 AM in Parliament Square. This demonstration is a protest against possible future military actions aimed at Iran.
Peace Strike, the group sponsoring this event, has previously attempted to serve a citizen’s arrest warrant on Great on Britain’s PM Tony Blair. (Also see 23 June 2007)
22 June 2007 Quebec City: The GUERRE À LA GUERRE coalition has called for the disruption of military ceremonies that are to occur prior to the Afghanistan deployment of the Royal 22nd Regiment of Valcartier.