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Militant Groups Gain Ground in Northern Mali

By William Tucker Two weeks ago I stated the military led coup against the Malian government did not bode well for counterterrorism operations in North Africa. That now seems to be an understatement. The head of the Malian junta, Captain Amadou Sanogo, ordered the military to back off fighting in the northern city of Gao for fear of endangering the civilians in the city.

Clashes Between Libyan Militias

By William Tucker Two Libyan militia groups exchanged gunfire in Tripoli yesterday killing four and wounding five. The firefight began when a militia from Misrata tried to free several prisoners held in the former intelligence headquarters building of the Gaddafi regime. In response, the military council of Zawiya street returned fire disrupting the Misratan operation. Fighting between armed rebel groups in Tripoli has been a profound fear of the interim government.

Gaddafi’s Forces Still Fighting in Libya

By William Tucker

Forces working on behalf of the National Transitional Council in Libya were ambushed in the northern town of Bani Walid resulting in the death of seven soldiers and the wounding of ten more. Other rebel forces were attacked near an oil refinery not far from the city of Ras Lanuf. Although the rebels have taken the capital of Tripoli, the possibility of a protracted insurgency by pro-Gaddafi forces has been looming large.

Tripoli falls to Libyan Rebels

By William Tucker

According to multiple media outlets, Libyan rebels have entered the capital of Tripoli and have secured much of the city. Although there are still pockets of resistance, the areas secured by the rebels would indicate that city has indeed fallen. Two of Gaddafi’s sons have been captured in the midst of the rebel offensive, but the Colonel is still believed to be holed up in a hotel in the city.

Algeria claims AQIM getting Weapons in Libya

By William Tucker
Reuters is reporting, quoting an Algerian security official, that al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has used the chaos in Libya to seize weapons and rearm. According to the report, AQIM loaded several vehicles with weapons and moved the convoy through Chad and Niger into northern Mali. Some of the weapons that were taken include, RPG-7 (rocket-propelled grenades), FMPK heavy machine guns, Kalashnikov rifles, explosives and ammunition, and perhaps most bothersome, an unknown quantity of SAM-7 man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS).

Presence of al-Qaeda Seen among Libya’s Rebels

By William Tucker
Although this doesn’t really come as a surprise to those of us that follow international terrorism it is certainly worth discussing the presence of al-Qaeda in Libya. What sparked this discussion is the recent report from Reuters that quoted several defense and national security officials as saying that “flickers” of al-Qaeda were evident among intelligence on Libya’s rebels.

Podcast: Uncertainties in Libya

American Military University’s Dr. Patricia Campbell discusses what is going on overseas, and its effects on the people and government there.
Dr. Campbell compares the protests in Egypt with the current violence and protesting occuring in the streets of Libya, and how it could be evolving to a different outcome.