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Violence Increasing in the Sinai

By William Tucker

Attacks against the Egyptian military and Interior Ministry security forces in the Sinai have increased recently due to the political uncertainty in Cairo and the region as a whole. Though there has been an uptick in violence over the past few years emanating from terrorist groups and local Bedouin tribes the increase in security forces as a response from the government has only exacerbated the situation.

U.S. Seizes Hezbollah Funds

By William Tucker The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency filed a lawsuit against the Lebanese Canadian Bank in December 2011 following allegations that the bank was laundering money for Hezbollah. The Lebanese terrorist group was using the banks to hide proceeds from drug trafficking and the sales of U.S. manufactured vehicles in Western Africa. Eventually the money made its way to Lebanon and was used to support the group’s activities.

Multiple Protests Test Beijing

By William Tucker This past weekend three more Buddhist monks set themselves ablaze in Seda county of Sichuan province. These most recent self immolations bring the number to 19 since the protests began back in March of 2011. Each immolation prompted an immediate large scale protest resulting in the Chinese People's Armed Police firing into the crowd. Independent reports are difficult to verify at this time.

Hezbollah Operative Arrested in Mexico

By William Tucker
The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seyassah reported today that Mexican officials have stopped an attempt by Hezbollah to set up shop in the country. The reported focus of the investigation was Jameel Nasr who was arrested at his home in Tijuana where he was under surveillance by Mexican police for some time. Nasr was allegedly using Mexican nationals with ties to Lebanon as the foundation for his cell.

US and Inter’l Gangs, Terrorists, Extremists and Stability

(AP Phto: Tattooed faces, dead giveaway, gangs go for new look.)

By Shelley Smith
The continued criminal activities of United States and international gangs, terrorists and extremists groups are representing a tremendous threat to homeland security, global security and civil society, while lethal gangs have become a plaque to major metropolitan areas and to suburban and rural locations.