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Military Mutiny in Eritrea

By William Tucker A small contingent of dissident Eritrean soldiers seized control of the Ministry of Information in Asmara today and called for the release of political prisoners. Though there have been other reports of a larger coup attempt to unseat President Isaias Afwerki, along with the claimed killing of the Defense Minister and the Army chief of staff, there has been little in the way of confirmation.

Militants Attack Pakistani Air Base

By William Tucker The BBC is reporting that several militants have launched an attack on the Minhas air base at Kamra using small arms. Reports from other outlets have stated that the militants are wearing military uniforms and are equipped with suicide vests. This information is difficult to verify as the attack is ongoing. Pakistan has reinforced the military presence at the base to fend off the assault.

Syrian Ministers Killed in Damascus Bombing

By William Tucker A reported attack on the National Security building in Damascus has killed three top Syrian ministers and wounded several others. Unfortunately, none of the information surrounding the reported attack can be verified. Two groups did, however, claim responsibility for the attack – the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Lord of the Martyrs Brigade. State run media did confirm an attack took place.

Al-Qaeda Hits Yemen Police Academy

By William Tucker A suicide bomber struck a police academy in Sana’a Yemen killing eight and wounding another 15. As of this writing al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has not officially claimed responsibility for the attack; however AQAP has made numerous threats against the Yemeni government in response to the counterterrorism operations that have been ongoing since May. Furthermore, the tactics and target of today’s attack strongly suggest that AQAP was involved.

Assad Violates Ceasefire in Syria

By William Tucker It’s not really a surprise that the ceasefire was violated, that is, if one could claim it was ever implemented in the first place. The regime played the blame game, as expected here on IHS, that it was the opposition forces that broke the agreement forcing Assad to respond in kind. Coming to Assad’s aid in record time was Russia.

North Korea Launches New Rocket

By William Tucker US and South Korean governments are stating that North Korea has launched its newest long-range rocket, the UNHA-3. At this point it looks as is if it has failed. The rocket launch was successful and the first stage had separated successfully, but it was the second and third stages that failed to separate. According to early reporting, this forced the rocket to crash into the ocean.

Militant Groups Gain Ground in Northern Mali

By William Tucker Two weeks ago I stated the military led coup against the Malian government did not bode well for counterterrorism operations in North Africa. That now seems to be an understatement. The head of the Malian junta, Captain Amadou Sanogo, ordered the military to back off fighting in the northern city of Gao for fear of endangering the civilians in the city.

Coup Underway in Mali

By William Tucker In an event that could seriously damage counterterrorism efforts in North Africa, Malian soldiers have mutinied and are now firing on the presidential palace. The recent unrest was sparked by a visit to a northern military base by the Minister of Defense. Malian soldiers have been fighting a Tuareg offensive in the north only to be constantly defeated. Government soldiers are complaining of inadequate training and weapons.