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The Ethiopian Incursion into Eritrea

By William Tucker Geopolitically speaking, there are certain areas around the globe that are prone to conflict. While it is true that conflict of any kind is ongoing, there is a short list of competing nation-state actors that gather more attention than other conflict prone areas. The reason being is that these competitions that are under wider scrutiny have a habit of turning into something more catastrophic.

U.S. Increases Footprint in Africa

By William Tucker In October of 2011, the U.S. deployed 100 Special Forces soldiers to Uganda for training local forces in the fight against the Lord’s Resistance Army. Today, AFRICOM stated that U.S. forces are now working against the LRA in Uganda, Central African Republic, South Sudan, and Congo. There was no word on whether the troop level was increased to facilitate this expansion of operations, however.

Kenya Worried Over Al-Shabaab Threats

By William Tucker When Kenyan forces invaded southern Somalia several months ago, the stated goal was to create a buffer to prevent al-Shabaab’s forces from launching attacks against Nairobi. Al-Shabaab, however, continues to threaten Kenya. In one statement an al-Shabaab spokesman threatened to knock down skyscrapers in Nairobi. Al-Shabaab does have the capability to carry out attacks beyond Somalia, but the scale would be much smaller than toppling large buildings.

The Invasion of Somalia

By William Tucker Two months ago, Kenyan forces invaded southern Somalia with the ostensive purpose of creating a buffer region between al-Shabaab and the Kenyan border. The Kenyan military has thus far not stated how far into Somalia they will go, but it is widely expected that they are intent on attacking the port city of Kismayo.

Missile Strike Targets Al-Shabaab Leadership

By William Tucker Two explosions occurred during a meeting of al-Shabaab leadership in the town of Afgoye. Afgoye is about 20 miles from the capital of Mogadishu and remains under al-Shabaab control despite the militant groups withdrawal from the capital a few months ago. Local residents claim that some rather expensive vehicles were present around a well known compound used by al-Shabaab prior to the explosions.

Al-Shabaab Shows it can Still Strike Mogadishu

By William Tucker

Although the Somali militant group al-Shabaab left Mogdishu it still retains that ability to launch an attack on the capital. Yesterday, a massive vehicle borne improvised explosive device detonated outside the Education Ministry killing at least 70. The area that was targeted houses many government buildings, any of which could have been targeted, but it was the Education Ministry that had a large line of people applying for scholarships to study in Turkey that took the brunt of the attack.

Expanding Drone Operations

By William Tucker

In the last few years the U.S. drone war over the tribal areas of Pakistan has had an impact on the multitude of non-state actors in the region. As would be expected, this string of operational successes has garnered the attention of other major U.S military commands and adversaries alike. The U.S. has a distinct advantage in the expanding role of unmanned aircraft – basing rights and a large navy.